I’m a blogger

I love reading blogs. I harass my friends who have blogs to post more often (Abby Waldrip). I tell friends who don’t have a blog to get a blog. I read strangers’ blogs.  But I never thought my daily life was anything blog-worthy. I still don’t. And on top of that, creativity is not my strong point so captivating a reader… we’ll see about that one.

The start of this year has reminded me how quickly life passes us by. The past year of my life has been the most exciting and swiftly-passing year yet (moved to Chicago, started a new career & got married to the love of my life).  I am richly blessed these days. But in the end, what are we left with in this dynamic and messy world? Our memories, our family and our friends. This blog will serve as a space where I can not only share with you but also a space that I can look back upon and be reminded of the everyday, mundane activities that are my life.  Of course there will be some not-so-mundane memories, too. 

Welcome to The Beanstalk.  A place where two beans are starting the journey of life together.  

 xoxo, ltw

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