Hello bangs!

 So. I haven’t had a new hairstyle in years.  I add the occasional layer and that’s about as adventurous as I get.  The last extreme thing I did with my hair was in Jr. High.  I went crazy and chopped it all off… and so began my boy phase. I’ve debated getting bangs for a couple years now (yes, years).  But the last time I had bangs was in kindergarten so I guess part of me associates bangs with children, which is pretty ridiculous. I actually vaguely remember being very excited to grow out my bangs in first grade. I’ve come full circle.
Today I pulled the trigger. Bang! My inspiration was Lea Michele’s haircut in Glee this season. I have hair envy. I will say that her hair appears to be much thicker than mine so I was a little nervous that my bangs would look stringy. But with the approval of the big frijol and my trusted hairstylist, I did it. And I like it! What do you all think? Is anyone actually reading this thing?

 Here I am leaving the salon. Hairspray in hand.
Swiped to the side
Lea Michele. Photo from instyle.com

xoxo, ltw

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