twenty-six point two

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again now… I love slash hate running.  I love running outside along the lake front. I love the endorphins. I love taking care of my heart. I also love the trendy running clothes (lululemon. what up Vince). The love definitely outweighs the hate.  With that said, I hate running on the treadmill.  It is so boring. Running for thirty minutes on the treadmill can seriously feel like an hour. Or more. Yikes. But I do it anyway. Usually no more than five miles whether it be outside or inside.

I was not born a runner. Let’s just say I saw some of those friendly freshmen lbs pop up during college. What was to blame? Hmm… I have no idea. It could have been margs & queso at the Rio, Cosmo’s pizza multiple times a week, scotch-a-roos galore (those are in my blood). Regardless, I realized I needed to make a change and that change included running my booty off. Literally. When I first began jogging, one mile at a twelve minute pace was about my VO2max, if you will. Over the years, that number whittled down to a proud 8 minute and 30 second mile that is my current comfortable pace. My goal is to make that a flat 8 minute mile. I am a firm believer that anybody can achieve fitness. It’s 90% mindset and dedication.

Now, what is the point of this post? Twenty-six point two. You all probably know that 26.2 miles = a marathon.  My big bro, Vince, suggested (on Thanksgiving day, mind you.. the one day that we are suppose to indulge in a copious amount of food and not even consider exercising) that we do a marathon together. Um. A marathon? How ridiculous. I said I would do it. Keep in mind Vince has been known to come up with grand ideas that don’t always materialize. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, for example. I’ve been hearing about that one for years. Tonight I got a text from him saying that our cousin is joining in on the marathon fun this fall. Perhaps he’s serious about actually pushing our bodies for 26.2 grueling miles? Should I do it?! Part of me thinks a marathon is too extreme to be healthy for the body. Part of me thinks it would be a fun challenge. Any readers interested in participating in this madness? I’m speaking to all 5 of you. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is on Sunday, October 7, 2012. Registration opens February 1st. Our training regimen will begin  if  when we register and this becomes an official feat.

The year of the marathon?
And the year the world doesn’t end.
And the year I actually learn Spanish (better get started on that one).
And the year we go to Napa (hopefully). 

xoxo, ltw

4 thoughts on “twenty-six point two

  1. Does Vince get you a discount at lulu? Because I am seriously jealous if he does.

    The first paragraph of your post completely applies to me too. I've been throwing around the idea of a half for awhile, but I think a full would kill me (I think a half might kill me). You should do it with me to train for the 26.2. And if you do run the marathon, I will be very, very impressed!

  2. Also, definitely go to Napa. Matt and I have been there twice and it's gorgeous–we loved going to the vineyards and we don't even drink wine. Might as well stop in San Francisco too:)

  3. Shef…. I signed up for the marathon. Haha!! When is your half? We should do it together! And I'm dying to go to Napa & San Fran, too. I just have to get Lu to take me there!

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