Little Man Logan!

Yesterday, I hosted a baby shower for my friend Emily.  She’s having a baby boy named Logan, and she’s due March 15.  The theme for the shower was Little Man inspired by Pintrest. Be forewarned: there are a lot of pictures on this post.
 Homemade banner… Keep Calm & Grow on! Those are iron-on patches I put on the onesies. 

 Guess how many m&ms? 3117. Crazy.  And also mustaches on a stick!

 Keep Calm & Grow On printable. 

 Mustache stickers applied to the cups. 
We played several games.  We had a quiz about pregnant Emily. It was fun & got the conversation started about her pregnancy.  We also did a Brendon (the father) quiz. That was entertaining. He’s a funny dude. We played the dirty diaper game… we filled diapers with different kinds of melted chocolate candy bars and people guessed which candy the baby ate. It was actually kinda hard & really looked like poo! Ha! We also had a baby Pictionary game planned but we ran out of time. We’ll have to use that one for the next shower (hint hint Keerthy).
My friend, Meghan, filling the diapers.
Poopy diapers.

The food was so good & I had a lot of help from my momma, so THANK YOU! We made a pasta salad, deli-wraps & a seven-layer salad.  I made the poppy seed bread, pumpkin bread, scotch-a-roos & white chocolate/peanut butter/marshmallow balls (these need a name).  One girl, Elizabeth brought some delicious homemade cupcakes. They were amazing. Punch was lemonade & ginger ale. 

 Seven-layer salad.


 Bow-tie pasta salad.

Scotch-a-roos & balls in the background. 
  The girls are so fun. We met through the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  Our significant others are all students there, and a couple of these ladies are students themselves. 

 5 weeks old!
 Party favors. “Boy oh Boy Glad You Came” printables.

Some of the presents for Em!

 Congrats Emily & Brendon!! So excited to meet the little man soon. 

And then this big man came home….. It’s a-mee, Maaario.
xo, ltw

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