I’m not known for my natural artistic ability but I do try to tap into that creative side on occasion. One thing I enjoy is knitting and crocheting. I find both activities quite relaxing. And there is something to be said for producing a garment or blanket by hand…. and actually being able to use it! 
My mom and I went to this cute knit shop called Nina in Wicker Park. I decided to make a cowl/hood scarf. The yarn for this project is kid mohair and silk. In other words, it’s delicate and perfect for chilly spring days.  Here is a picture of the finished product on the Nina website. I’ll post a picture of mine once I’m finished. 

lots of yarn!

I struggled choosing between burnt orange and olive green for a color pop.  I ended up going with olive green, light tan and powder blue, as pictured on the right.  The colors on the cowl/hood will fade into each other.

green reminds me of spring!

I’m not finished yet but I’ve made some progress. It’s a nice activity for a cold and dreary
[and lonely] March day like today. I say lonely because my hubs left for NYC this morning and will be gone all weekend. This is our first time apart as married folk! I miss him.

so soft

There was somebody else interested in the yarn… what a booger.


If anybody wants to make this scarf, I will share the instructions! It’s super easy… just a regular knit stitch on circular knitting needles. Let me know if you want the instructions. Happy Friday! 

xo. ltw


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