[almost] everything happens for a reason

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about things. Things? Well that’s not vague at all. By things, I mean the occurrences that happen to us everyday both big and small; the things that make up our lives. I find myself saying “that happened for a reason” daily. It’s as if my faith in a higher power has grown exponentially over the past year or so. I use to think we have to accept things happen for a reason because otherwise we’re just SOL, pardon my French acronym. But now I truly believe there is some order and purpose in this crazy universe.
There are times when I arrogantly believe I know the reason. For example, yesterday morning I woke up with a strange bout of nausea. I couldn’t decide if coffee would be a good or bad choice. I knew that I neededwanted some but I was worried it’d put my stomach in an even bigger knot. But I was exhausted! And had to perk up for a shift at the hospital. Something’s gotta give. I decided to get the coffee. On the way to work, I stopped at McDonalds for some top-notch cafe (Not. Surprisingly, the Starbucks in my neck of the woods are not 24-hour establishments. Whaaa?) I get to work and get out of the car. At this point, I haven’t had so much as one sip of coffee yet. I place the coffee on the roof of my car to zip my coat. Almost instantly, a huge gust of wind comes and knocks the coffee right off my car spilling it down the windshield, which has never happened to me before. Hm. That was the big man’s way of saying “don’t you dare put that in your stomach unless you want to be in for a rough morning.” I immediately thought “oh my goodness, that happened for a reason! I’m so glad I didn’t drink the coffee.” That was seriously my first thought as I watched the coffee trickle down my car. I wasn’t even frustrated or mad or any of those negative adjectives, which means that I’m probably not a true coffee addict because an addict would have thrown a hissy fit (and not realized this happened for a reason). 
Want another example? Whenever I have an awful day at work, I know the next day will be a really good one. I’ve recognized this pattern over the past six months. Bad days at the hospital are almost enough to make me want to cry, run away and never come back. But that would be immature, wouldn’t it? I return the next day with my head high, and I know the big one will reward me with a really satisfying shift. I think it’s his way of saying there will be tests and this isn’t going to be easy but you made it through and you can do it.
Those are two examples from my daily life of things happening for a reason. Of course there are those tragic and devastating events that shake the faith. The events that nobody thinks could possibly happen for any good reason. The reason is beyond our comprehension. But still having belief in a higher power after those events is the definition of faith. Those events make faith hard. It’s easy to believe in the good things.
As the title of this post states, not everything has a reason behind it. Some of the minutia of everyday life is random or choice driven. Like deciding on whether to have Indian or sushi for dinner. Sometimes a girl just wants some chicken tikka masala and there is no higher force pushing her there. Just a hungry stomach and a craving. Or maybe there is a reason. Who knows. 
What do you think?
xo. ltw

3 thoughts on “[almost] everything happens for a reason

  1. I love this post! I couldn't agree more about the work one. There are times when I have cried on my way home so mad and frustrated, and for some reason, I go to work the next day in calm mood. I think this is that this day just HAS to be better than the one before. God will only give you what you can handle, right? Love you!

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