I will clean the shower today.

I will clean the shower today. I will clean the shower today.
I don’t mind cleaning the kitchen, washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping or ironing. I secretly enjoy folding laundry. I hate cleaning the shower. It’s a strong feeling. The rest of the bathroom? I’ll do it without complaint. But the shower gets me time and time again.
It’s so tiresome and absolutely impossible for me to do without getting soaked. Besides, shouldn’t the shower should be self-cleaning? I mean it gets soaped up everyday. Or is the shower a filthy spot collecting all of the germs we wash off of our bodies? Let’s go with the former.

my nemesis
I have been telling the big frijol that I’ll clean the shower all week. In fact, I’ve had my cleaning supplies on the side of the tub since Sunday. He probably thinks I’m just talk.

 supplies have been ready since Sunday

So on my lovely day off, I will spend too much time getting this thing cleaned. I’d rather be at the beach with my toes in the sand, sipping a margarita and basking in the sun. A girl can dream.

xo, ltw

One thought on “I will clean the shower today.

  1. Do you clean the shower while taking a shower? Cause that is really the way to go. You don't mind getting wet, and after you scrub the shower you can give yourself a scrub so you both end up sparkling clean:)

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