st pattys & random things

Happy St Patrick’s day! In honor of the holiday, I watched this video just for a couple of chuckles. Gets me every time. 
Chicago was beautiful today with lots and lots of people out. The weather was absolutely perfect. I love this city! I was so excited to have the weekend off. It’s my first weekend off since Feb 4th, which is crazy. I didn’t participate in any St. Patty’s festivities except for wearing green to flaunt my Irish side. I do have Connolly in my blood! Today I had a leisurely morning sipping coffee and perusing the internet. I stopped by my parents’ place, hit up the grocery store and got in what ended up being my hardest Shred workout to date. Pretty nice Saturday, if you ask me. Last year our family celebrated St. Patty’s together. Let’s just say it involved Irish whiskey, a limo and a piano bar in Lincoln Park. Good times and good memories with the Traynelis clan.

the green chicago river

Lu is in Vietnam for his spring break this coming week. Things are lonely around these parts without him. He’s traveling to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. I’m jealous! I’m also praying that he is safe during his travels.

i miss my bean! summer 2011

This evening I’ve watched a couple episodes of Cougar Town on demand. Has Courteney Cox had work done? She definitely does not look as good as she did in her Friends days. I still love her though. I like Cougar Town but it is kind of a weird show. The camera work and acting reminds me of Srcubs.

I have spring shopping fever! Now that the weather is nice, I’m all about looking for new and cute spring dresses like this one. I also love shopping for workout clothes. My sweet Mexican momma got me a gift card to Lululemon for my birthday. I think I’m finally going to use it tomorrow!! I’m excited. 
I cannot wait for the tulips to pop up around Chicago. Spring in the city is heavenly. Another perk of spring? Nectarines are back in the grocery store! Lu and I call these reenies and I can’t get enough of em. In fact, I’m going to have one now. Mmmm. 
tulips in chicago last spring. looking forward to flowers this spring!
Life is good right now. Just need a bean to return safely to me!! Hope you all are having an enjoyable weekend, too. Top o’ the evenin’ to ya.

xo. ltw

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