lulu swag

Yesterday, I took a stroll in the beautiful summer-like weather to the Halsted Lululemon to see my big bro and get myself some spiffy new workout clothes. I tried on dozens of things and wanted all of it. I left with four garments – two tanks, one set of running crops, and a jacket.
new tank & jacket
You can’t really see the pants pictured above but they are the chase-me crop for running. They seem to be made from a slightly different fabric than the rest of Lululemon’s spandex pants. They’re nice.
before Shred this am. sleepy head.
The orange tank was recommended to me by Vince. Why did he recommend this product? Because “the silver threads prevent odor.” Is that a hint? And how does that even work? Anyway, I obliged and even wore it to my Shred class this morning. I loved it. It’s a looser fitting tank, which is opposite of my other Lulu tanks. I like having this breathable and flowing top in my arsenal of running attire. Although, it doesn’t look all that loose in this picture. You’ll just have to trust me.
Vince wasn’t able to hook me up with his employee discount because they are super strict. But he did let me in on a big secret…. the best product in the store. What is it? Men’s boxer briefs. Vince and the other guy working in the store yesterday both agreed that once you go Lulu undies, you’ll never go back. Naturally, I got Lu a pair. Ladies, get the man in your life some Lulu boxer briefs and he’ll owe you big time.
I was up at the crack of dawn to be at Shred by 7:15 this morning. I snapped a pic of the rising sun behind the Hancock building. I love Chicago.
I’m bummed the weekend is over, and it’s back to work this afternoon. But I’m trying to make today a good day. The best news is, I’m one day closer to the big frijol’s return! Happy Monday!
xo. ltw

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