friends with babes

Remember the baby shower I hosted last month? The lady had her baby! Brendon and Emily Eisner are some good friends of ours here in Chicago. They are wonderful people and I am so happy to share that they have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy, Logan Dominic. Lu and I had the privilege of meeting Logan a couple weeks ago. He is the cutest lil guy! Seriously, he is just precious beyond words. He is peaceful and calm. He makes the cutest faces. He is awesome, which makes total sense because his parents are awesome. 

Lu and baby

Logan. What a sweetie.

What is a blog post about babies without mentioning Cooper Waldrip?  Cooper is my dear friend, Abby’s baby. Abby, her hub and her baby live in Boston. Sadly, Lu and I don’t get to see them often. It would be a perfect world if we lived in the same city with all of our friends. Coop is an angel. I miss him. I think he’ll be turning one in May, which is crazy! Fortunately, Abby posts pics of him on various social media outlets so I get my Cooper fix. Below is a picture I stole from her and a couple of Cooper at our wedding! Coop will most likely grow up to be a male model. And he’ll have the brains, too. 

What a sweetie.

That sweater and those boots… adorable.

the best of friends!

It seems like there are quite a few pregnant woman around me these days. Two of my coworkers are pregnant. One of the instructors at Shred is pregnant. She impresses me. I think it’s wonderful that she is exercising during pregnancy. I hope that I will be able to do that someday! I don’t know if I could continue shred though! She’s one tough cookie. 

On an unrelated note, special shout out to my older brother. It’s his birthday today! Happy birthday, Vince!! 

happy birthday, Vince

xo. ltw

2 thoughts on “friends with babes

  1. Aww I love this post (for obvious reasons)! You're so sweet to feature The Coop. He loves his Auntie Tray. And I love that picture of you and Vince!

  2. Also, you need to get on Instagram (iphone app) if you're not already and you want Cooper photo overload. I am obsessed and post multiple pics of him every day:) It's like Twitter but only with pictures.

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