a fool’s thoughts

April Fool’s Day! I’ve never been one to think of a good prank. Actually, I can’t remember any April fool’s joke that I pulled… ever. I can’t even think of any pulled on me. What an exciting group of people with whom I surround myself. ;) I kid, I kid. It’s probably a good thing to remain prank-free! I do, however, remember the prank that was pulled on my dear friend Haylie our freshman year of college. Her dad mailed a fake letter to her from the University of Colorado (complete with CU letterhead and envelope) saying something along the lines of “you’re kicked out of school.” It was very well done and quite funny! But also a little bit mean. She tried to get him back with the old “I’m pregnant” and of course he didn’t fall for that one. I’m pretty confident the Walker home will be calm today. 
 I’m talking to you, Lu
We may do our taxes today (yep those taxes that are due in just a couple weeks). When I say we I really mean Lu. I cry a little inside each time I see how much of my paycheck goes to the government.
we’re good people; give us a tax break
And one note on Chicago’s weather lately…. what happened to those gorgeous 80-some and sunny days we had the other week? Now we say hello to cloudy, cold and damp weather. The real spring has sprung in Chicago this week. It’s a pretty good Sunday to lounge on the couch with a bean, if you ask me.
it was too good to be true
Happy Fools Day everybody! Leave me comments about your pranks!
xo, ltw

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