fave iphone apps

I am dependent on my iphone. I use it dozens of times everyday. People ask me all the time what apps I use and recommend.
Not one person has ever asked me that. In this post, I’ll be offering some unsolicited advice on cool apps you should download and use for your iphone. Most of these apps are pretty mainstream so you guys may already use them! 
I have 9 camera apps. Needless to say, I take many pictures with my iphone. I don’t even own a real camera these days. My favorite camera app right now is called Camera+. It can add clarity, back lighting, flash and various filters to your pics. You can also crop or add a border to the pictures. Pics taken with this app look much better than the pictures taken with the standard camera app that comes on the phone. And some of the filters create really cool effects.
HDR filter on camera+. Molly is so cute.
I also love instragram, of course. If you are into coloring your photos, Color Effect is a neat way to select with your finger what part of the picture is colored and what part is black and white. I don’t use it often but it’s a fun idea. I used Finger Focus to create the blur on the pictures of my iphone home screen on this blog post.
Do you drink coffee? If so, you gotta get the Starbucks app. You can load your Starbucks card onto the app and actually pay with your phone. It’s pretty high-tech. It also counts your reward points. 
anybody want to reload my card?
I track all of my runs with imapmyrun, which is the mobile app for www.mapmyrun.com. I love it because you can track your mileage, average pace and approximate calories burned. I have another running app that came highly recommended called endomundo. I’m too addicted to imapmyrun to even give the other one a try! But the word is, it’s good. Also, I think it requires you run with your phone so that the GPS can track your route. I don’t run with my phone. And I don’t listen to music when I run. I enjoy the time to clear my mind.
Everybody should have this next app. It’s even a free app so you have no excuses. It’ll save you money. Gas Buddy. It finds the cheapest gas around you. Brilliant. Can someone please come up with an app that lowers gas prices? Thanks.
Gas buddy
Does anybody use google calendar on gmail? I use it. Lu and I have a shared calendar so that we can keep track of our schedules. The app Calangoo syncs with your google calendar so that you can have the calendar at your fingertips on your phone. I think it works really well – it’s easy to add or change an event and it syncs quickly. However, it’s a pretty pricey app. I think it was $9. 
This next one is for the locals only. I have the Dominick’s app that allows you to add personalized deals and coupons to your Dominick’s card from your phone. Let me just say I think it’s bogus that shoppers actually have to add deals and coupons to their card. Having the store’s shopper card should be sufficient enough to get you the deals! Now they make you do work… meaning you have to go online, select the deals you want, and add them to your shopper card. Ridiculous. Anyway, with the app you can add deals and coupons as you shop and they upload to your card in real time. This is great because I often find out about the deals when I’m at the store and not in front of my computer. 
we love our produce!

I’m not much of a gamer. It always amuses me that the majority of the top apps in the app store are games. I do have a couple games on my phone that I only play if I’m at the airport and desperate for something to do.  I have tetris, a classic. I also enjoy words with friends although I haven’t played a game in months. The game Fruit ninja can be pretty addicting. 
This should go without saying but I use the twitter app and facebook app constantly. I find myself absentmindedly opening these two apps all day long. Over-stimulation.  
There you have it. A glimpse into my iphone. Leave me comments about what apps you cannot live without! Gracias. Is anybody reading this thing?
xo. ltw

2 thoughts on “fave iphone apps

  1. Seriously, if you're addicted to Twitter you need to start using the social media aspect of instagram. I'm obsessed.

    I'm downloading camera+, imapmyruns (I have runkeeper, which came highly recommended, but I haven't loved it), and the gas one right now. Thanks!

    I wish I had some recommendations, but I'm boring:)

  2. Oh wait, one recommendation: Diptic. I use it to make simple photo collages. It's good to splice a few photos together simply and then you can upload them to Insta or your blog or whatever!

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