twinkle toes

I’m on a quest to find the perfect running shoe. I have a medium arch and a neutral stride. Since I began running some eight years ago, I have tried several different shoes. My first pair was selected specially for me based on my gait by a sales associate at Running Wild in Iowa City. They were Asics Gel-Kayanos and I swore by them. I loved them so much that as soon as they had worn out I purchased another pair. I wore these for years. Four years to be exact.
Enter Nike Lunar Glide. I got these when the barefoot running concept was emerging (or at least emerging in my world…. I’m sure the idea has been around for a while). They were lightweight so I felt like I could run faster and longer. They made my old Asics seem like clodhoppers. These Nikes quickly stole my heart as my one and only running shoe. At least for a year.
Once I had experienced light weight running shoes, I became greedy and I longed for an even lighter shoe. I wanted to run even more faster and more longer. Nike Frees were the answer. I was instantly attracted to the minimalist design. And, as I had hoped, they were so light I truly felt like I was running without shoes. It was cool. Until my knees started hurting. I talked with an employee at Niketown, and he told me that the Nike Frees design is not meant to be a primary running shoe and not meant for long runs day after day. Whoops. I didn’t do any permanent damage or anything but I decided to say adios to these sneakers and opt for something with more support. 

Nike Frees
Side note: I was wearing my Nike Frees when I ate face on the lake front trail last summer. I don’t know if you all remember but I fell while running last fourth of July weekend. I felt like a toddler. My chin and knees hit concrete. Blood everywhere. Strangers helping me. Emergency room. Stitches. Sore jaw. Good times. [Not]. At least I didn’t chip any teeth.
stitches. july 2011. flattering picture.
Anyway. What shoe would provide me with support but still be light weight? The Nike Lunarfly. There is more structure on the sole of the foot and more of an arch support. Not to mention the colors are awesome. But there are a couple things about this shoe that just don’t do it for me. One thing I really don’t like is how high up the back comes on the Achilles tendon. It chafes me all the time (tmi) because it comes up higher than my socks. What I really don’t like about this shoe is how little grip they have on the bottom and it’s not just because they’re worn! They had little grip from day one. I’m surprised I haven’t fallen in these bad boys! This is actually my current running shoe but I’m yearning for new ones.
Nike Lunarfly
I have spent hours on the computer looking at reviews of running shoes. There are so many options. And even more opinions. It’s overwhelming. But with the help of Runner’s World magazine and their shoe adviser tool, I have decided on my next pair of sneaks. I will be trying a shoe that mixes my first love, Asics, with the lightweight but stable design I desire. I’m going back to Asics. I have come full circle. The shoe is Asics Gel Blur33. And yes, I’m getting them in pink to unleash my inner princess.
Asics Gel Blur33
I ordered them online and cannot wait for them to arrive. The Brooks PureConnect also really intrigues me. If the Asics Gel Blur33 breaks my heart, as all other running shoes have eventually done in the past, then I will give the Brooks Pureconnect a try.
Brooks PureConnect
Please leave me comments about what running shoes you love, hate and everything in between! I’d appreciate your opinion. I’m talkin to YOU. 
xo. ltw

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