Remember that no sugar thing?

Surprise. I couldn’t quite keep my word on the whole sugar fast thing. I definitely reduced my sugar intake overall but I had a few slip-ups here and there and almost every single one occurred at work. Patients and families bring our nurses sweets all the time as a thank you. The chocolates sit there staring me in the face begging me to ingest just one. And then comes two… three… You get the picture.
Puhlease. I thought I had more willpower than that. I guess I need something to scare me into action. A reason to say no. And today, I got just that.
This morning, as I sipped my freshly brewed java and munched on my typical breakfast of scrambled egg whites with cholula and a side of oatmeal, I perused the internet including Runner’s World magazine one of my favorite online magazines. I stumbled across a relevant article. I was nowhere near the nutrition section on Runner’s World when all of a sudden the article titled, Sugar Linked to Heart Disease, Cancer appeared on my MacBook screen. Sugar and heart disease? I always clumped saturated fat and heart disease in the same sentence. Sugar and cancer, whaaat? Intrigued, and a little bit scared, I read. I also read the linked article, Is Sugar Toxic?, a segment that aired on 60 minutes recently. 
sugar sugar & more sugar
To summarize, these articles present research that suggest sugar is toxic to our bodies. Toxic. Doesn’t that sound extreme? They say that sugar consumption drives up LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff) and promotes plaque formation in our arteries, which we know leads to heart disease. Of course they don’t touch on the actual mechanism of how sugar raises LDLs but I’ll go ahead and take their word for it.  I googled the head honcho, Dr. Robert Lustig an endocrinologist in California, and he appears credible. Dr. Lustig and his clan are telling us that our nation’s sugar consumption is a public health crisis. And they’re not just talking about the obvious chocolate-caramel-marshmallow-with-frosting-on-top type of sugar but also added sugars hidden in various processed foods that many people consume on day to day basis. They said the average American consumes 130 lbs of sugar every year. Jiminy cricket. That’s consuming a whole person of sugar. 
azucar, azucar & mas azucar
As far as the sugar and cancer claim, the research presented also suggests that some cancer tumors have insulin receptors that drive growth. When we ingest sugar and an insulin spike commences, the cancer tumor rejoices and grows at a faster rate. Gross. I hate cancer. And my love for sugar is definitely being questioned right now.
I truly had no idea that sugar could possibly be a culprit for elevated cholesterol let alone cancer. Diabetes? Yes I understand that one. But heart disease and cancer? This is news to me. I cherish my heart. One of the last things I want to end up with is heart disease or a heart attack. Supposedly one in four women die from heart disease in our country. Yikes. And it should go without saying that cancer is never a word I want to hear or want any of my loved ones to hear. If saying goodbye to my beloved sugary sweets makes my heart and body healthier then I’ll do it. I have motivation now. I’ll admit that my previous sugar cleanse was fueled by vanity. I thought I could shed a pound or two and maybe make my skin clear (is that a myth?). But now I have a genuine motive to say no to those stupid little Fanny May chocolate truffles that aren’t even that delicious.
My morning reading was not all bad news though. I did find out that red wine may help fight weight gain. Now that’s the kind of news I like to hear!! Here is the article. And isn’t wine good for your heart? I can totally get behind this kind of research.
very nice
Cheers to our health. Who’s with me? Less chocolate. More wine. In moderation of course. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
xo. ltw

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