Happy Birthday, Momma!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you had the loveliest of days on your birthday, April 9th. It was so much fun celebrating with you and the family — we had an evening of great food and even greater company. And can I mention, you look fabulous!
the birthday girl! with birthday cupcakes.
Sprinkles cupcakes. Oh yes we did. Sugar/calories don’t count on birthdays.
noodles, dumplings, sashami & hot tapas from Slurping Turtle. SO YUMMY!
A cupcake for a cupcake
I’m very blessed to have been brought onto this earth and placed into the arms of the loving woman I call mom. She is absolutely wonderful and she is my best friend! I cherish the memories of my childhood and growing up under her caring, loving arm. I am so excited for the many, many more wonderful moments we will share together in the future!!
my birth!
just 3 girls hangin out
darling picture
summer concert
wedding day
after her sweet toast at our wedding
I love you, mom! Thank you for being you. Cheers!! Happy birthday!!
xo, ltw

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Momma!

  1. May or may not have teared up a little reading this! You are both beautiful, strong women! Lucky to have each other! :) Love you! Also, please send me a cupcake.

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