bottle & bottega

My sweet poppa gave me a nice gift certificate to a place called Bottle & Bottega for my birthday. Bottle & Bottega is a quaint art studio in Lakeview where friends gather to uncork their inner artist. Each patron gets a blank canvas and a bottle of wine… the makings of a memorable evening. In our case, the wine was tequila. It was Mexican night so we enjoyed some yummy tapas, margaritas and live guitar. Fue muy divertido! Les cuento que yo estoy practicando mi espanol. Lu esta me ayudando!
As for the art, one does not have to be Frida Khalo to create a masterpiece. Masterpiece? You’re right, perhaps that’s too strong of a word. Anyway, the studio has instructors that walk you through how to create a painting that is inspired by real art. Of course everybody has some artistic license to make their painting an original. Lu and I took advantage of that license. Check out their facebook page to see some of the paintings that patrons have created in the past.
The original art that we were imitating was basically colorful rectangles. It was one of those things that you look at and say “um, I can easily do that.” Yeah right. I have a new appreciation for geometrical art. It was incredibly hard to make our paintings look as good as the original. I think the most difficult part was mixing colors. We started with the primary colors and white so we had to mix any colors aside from those. As you’ll see in the pictures below, the original had more muted colors whereas ours were more bright. But who doesn’t love some bright, lively colors?! I’d say we did pretty well. But in the end, something was missing. The only way we could salvage our work was to embellish it with our initials. That was Lu’s idea. What a creative cat.
i love interior brick walls
donning the apron
our inspiration.
the makings of a masterpiece
he is so cute
we personalized our work… LW
lw times two. monogram.
our art and our bottle…. yep that’s tequila.
We’re serious. They’ve been hung. Nice vent.
We had a fun evening out together doing something different than the same old dinner and a movie thing. I’d love to go back again sometime. They do bachelorette parties with nude models, Katie D. Just saying. Just kidding. 
xo. ltw

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