things i’m lovin right now

This lululemon tank. And these lululemon pants. I’ll take one of each please.
no limits tank
recognition pant
Smash and Glee. Who would have thought musical TV shows could be so good?! If you guys aren’t watching these shows, I recommend you start. And tonight’s Whitney tribute on Glee was a-mazing.
smash on NBC. monday night. so good!
glee on FOX. tuesday night. also just so good!
Kinder bueno. I know, I know. Kinder buenos are chocolate, which mean they contain sugar. But don’t worry, I only ate one. I can still love them though. Talk about melt in your mouth. It’s sickening.  
kill me
Kind bars. Healthier than the kinder bueno but just as delicious. Lu and I love to snack on Kind bars but don’t love their hefty price tag at our local grocery store. They retail at for $1.60/bar. We bulk ordered some online for just over $1/bar. Now we have a boatload of kind bars.
kindness is bountiful in this household
The Whole Foods in Lincoln Park is easy to love. I could spend hours in there, which is exactly why I don’t go there often…. That and the fact that it costs about a billion dollars for a one bag of groceries. Even still, I’m lovin it right now.

Muscle soreness. Whether it’s right or wrong, I equate soreness with progress. I find soreness motivating! I love that Shred makes me sore (of course I’m not talking the I-can’t-sit-down-on-the-toilet-seat sore). 

hurt so good
 Colored skinny jeans. So cute! I actually don’t own any…. yet. I like to window shop online at  Shopbop.
My friends. You girls make me laugh and smile everyday. I am blessed to have your friendship!
My sweet Lu! I always love him. But he has been working so very hard this quarter at Booth and I’m proud of his success. In addition to class, he is officially a start-up business owner! He and his two partners started an LLC last week. I’m happy for him!! Also, he was offered a prestigious internship with Hyde Park Angels here in Chicago for the summer. He is going for his goals and it’s awesome.
Life is good these days and passing ever so quickly. I hope this post finds you guys relishing the good days, too.

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