the best salad in the world

I’ve created the best salad in the world. Maybe not. But it is pretty darn good. And it’s pretty darn healthy, too. A win-win. I usually brown-bag-it at work and this is my go-to lunch. It’s easy to make the night before and it makes me look forward to eating.
2 cups spinach
shredded chicken breast
apple, chopped
cucumber, sliced
1/3 cup or less walnuts broken into pieces
1/2 cup or less feta cheese
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 
Note: I really have to measure out the feta cheese & olive oil otherwise I could easily triple the serving sizes on those. I love me some feta. And olive oil (yes, sans the vinegar) on salad is divine.
Mix it all together
Fruit in salad is a somewhat new concept to me. I use to not enjoy the mix of sweetness and veggie-ness in one bite. Now I cannot get enough of it. I thank Lu for introducing this simple pleasure to me.
this will be waiting to be devoured after shred today
Now, please make this salad for yourself. You can thank me later. I’d love your salad recipes, too, if you don’t mind sharing! Raise your hand if you’re actually reading this blog… =) Happy eating & Monday.
xo, ltw

4 thoughts on “the best salad in the world

  1. (Hand raised).

    I like your directions:)

    And I'm impressed by your healthy eating. Even when I'm cutting back on sweets, I'm not necessarily eating very well. I'll have to give this a try!

    Want something healthy and surprisingly good? Kale chips. rinse kale and break into smallish pieces, add seasonings (I usually do salt, a little cayenne and sometimes some garlic powder). Bake at 350 until crispy (usually 12-15 minutes).

  2. I have 3 faithful readers! =) You all need to try the salad! It's so yummy. Sometimes I add avocado and tomato if I'm feeling adventurous.

    Shef- I'm totally going to make kale chips today. I do my best to eat healthily but I definitely have my moments…

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