¡Cinco de Mayo!

Today is one of those Monday Mondays. You know the type, rainy and unseasonably cold. One of those days you feel as if you need to eat comfort food and drink soy chai lattes to survive. And lounging on the couch in a nice pair of comfy pants? That doesn’t sound too bad either. Fortunately for me, this Monday happens to be my day off so I can do what ever I want.  My day involved seeing my mom this morning and my friend with her sweet baby this afternoon. Not so bad! There may have been one of those aforementioned soy chai lattes involved, too.

Now to the meat of this post…. ¡Viva Mexico!

…and that’s exactly what we did.
We love Mexican food in this family (believe it or not) and will take any excuse to consume it. Cinco de Mayo provides the most perfect excuse to overdose on queso, guacamole, tamales and of course margaritas. So on Friday, which was actually the less famous Quatro de Mayo, we rounded up the crew and went out to a not-so-authentic-but-very-satisfying Mexican restaurant to get our eat on. And eat we did. Lu was there, as were both of my bro’s and Matt’s girlfriend Kelly. It was so much fun.

margs a plenty

I had one mega margarita. Yes, I said mega. The picture above does not do the word “mega” justice. Those things were the size of my face. Needless to say, one was more than enough for this 26-year old body.

bros/in law. horrible picture quality.

 It just so happened that we got prime seating smack dab in front of the Bulls game on TV. Those silly boys were overly excited about that. I’m sorry to report the Bulls lost.



I love Cinco de Mayo. It will forever remind me of The Rio in Boulder. I loved that place. My friends and I would go there almost weekly. I admit that’s kind of sad and definitely a cause of some of those friendly freshmen pounds I gained. =)

throwback photo – the rio rooftop!

throwback photo #2 – roomies at the rio

Oh, Boulder. Those days seem like so long ago. Anyway, I hope you all had a fun Cinco de Mayo and a great weekend!

xxoo, ltw

One thought on “¡Cinco de Mayo!

  1. I've been thinking about Boulder lately, and how much I loved, loved, loved visiting you in that beautiful part of our world. Breathtaking scenery, good food, unique shopping, and so many “fit” people! Loved seeing you so happy w/ your good (lifelong) friends ~
    (Remember how hard we laughed once when you were driving me back to the airport?)

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