happy mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there…. and most especially to mine. I know everybody thinks that their mom is the best mom but I know that I most certainly was blessed with the best. My momma is so selfless and would do anything for her children. She is wise; she guides us. She is comforting and loving in every way. She is a genuinely happy person and that happiness rubs off on those around her. I feel very fortunate that the sweet lord placed me under her care and watch. Over the years, I love that she is not only my mom but also my friend. She has helped to shape me into the person that I am today! On this day, we celebrate her! 
You know who else is a pretty fabulous mom? My grandma, Nannie. I wish she had been here in Chicago with us. And I hope she’s reading my blog! Poppy, my grandpa, is hip with computers and the internet at his young age of 91! He totally impresses me in many ways and is hopefully sharing my blog with Nannie. I love those two! They are such wonderful grandparents. But we’ll address that on another post.
three generations.
To celebrate today, I hosted a brunch for our family. Memories were abounding. We laughed. Hard. Vince and Matt shared a pretty hilarious story, which I won’t repeat here but it gave the that deep-stomach-aching-ab-workout-type laugh that hopefully burned off some of the copious calories I consumed. We reminisced about the good ole days. But kept in mind that these days are pretty great, too.
The menu: scrambled eggs, bacon/sausage for the carnivores, fresh fruit, this poppy seed bread and orange muffins that weren’t very yummy. Since it was a celebration, mimosas were involved, too. Below are some pictures from this morning. I cannot believe we didn’t take one with mom and the kids! We were too consumed with consuming and chatting.  We’ll have to remember next time.
Wishing a very happy, happy mother’s day to every mom out there! You guys have the hardest but probably the best job ever. Cheers to you! =)
xxoo, ltw

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