¡holy guacamole!

Ok people. I can make a mean guacamole. I got the original recipe online probably at this site. I like using allrecipes.com because you can read reviews and tips about specific recipes. I have since tweaked the grac recipe and now it’s perfect. Let’s make it, shall we?
3 hass avocados
4 limes
2 roma tomatoes
1/2 small red onion
2 cloves of garlic
one jalapeño 
cayenne pepper
salt & pepper
On picking avocados…. I don’t like to get the ones that are really malleable. I purchase ones that have some give but are still a touch firm. That’s just a personal preference. And usually it guarantees that you won’t get any brown spots. 
On picking jalapeños…. Like heat? We do. I learned that striations on the outside of a jalapeño give you a glimpse into the pepper’s hotness. A lot of striations tells you that the pepper is a hot one. But a smooth jalapeño? Not too spicy. Supposedly the striations are kind of like wrinkles so it means that the pepper has been on the tree longer and it’s ripe.
Assembling is quite easy. First, cut the avocado in half, remove pit and slice into cubes. Place in bowl. Squeeze the juice of four limes over the avocado. Add two cloves of garlic, minced. Take a fork and mash the avocado to desired consistency. We like ours a little chunky. 
Next, chop the jalapeño, roma tomatoes, and red onion. I keep all of the seeds in the jalapeño when I chop it up to ensure I’m taking advantage of the spicy goodness. If you don’t like spice then remove seeds before chopping. Throw your choppins’ into the bowl. Note: I don’t actually put red onion in mine. I separate out my guac from Lu’s guac because I don’t like onions in guacamole but of course Lu loves them. We personalize things around here. Actually, while we’re on the subject of likes and dislikes, I’ll tell you that Lu and I both despise cilantro. I always found it peculiar that a Mexican boy doesn’t like cilantro. Just another way he won my heart. If you like cilantro, then you may want to consider adding that nasty herb to your guacamole dish.
Now we have a bowl of mashed avocado, garlic, jalapeños, roma tomatoes, and onions. Mix them together. All that’s left is to add some sprinkling of cayenne pepper for flavor and salt/pepper to taste. How easy was that? It seriously takes about 10 minutes and it tastes better than the majority of guacamole you’ll find in restaurants.
forgive me if this picture makes the guac look gross… it is the only one i have. trust me, it’s amazing.
Chips, guacamole and margaritas? Sounds like summer to me! The guacamole is not only good on chips but also on corn tortillas, burgers, salmon, chicken, and eggs. Treat yourself to some! Enjoy & let me know what you think.
xo. ltw

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