Murder mystery dinner theater!! Yep, we partook. Lu, Matt, Kelly and I went to a murder mystery dinner theater last Friday. Remember that episode of Saved by the Bell where the cast went a the murder mystery weekend overnight? I loved Saved by the Bell, and I always thought that episode was cool. I was sort of expecting something along the lines of that… an old fashioned evening where we all sit at one long table and people are ejected out of their chairs as we die off one-by-one….. 
I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was an 80’s themed evening and the setting was a bar across the street from Wrigley Field. Lu and I donned the most 80’s outfits we could find, which ended up being a mixture of clothes that we actually wear from our own closets. I attempted to get big hair but my fine locks just don’t cooperate in that department. Matt and Kelly went for it! They purchased a few new items and looked amazing. 
totally 80s.
preppy 80’s a la Animal House
loving the chemical wash! and nice pants, Matt.
Let’s set the scene. Among the patrons were three actors, Poison the rockstar, James Diamond the manager and Pat Benatar the wannabe singing star. We were at a Poison rock concert. We were sitting at tables of four-ish people and each table had one person selected to play a character. Matt was the chosen one from our group and he played Slick Douglas, which I’m told is a reference to the movie Wall Street. Slick Douglas was a money-hungry ladies man. Woo woo, go MATT.  Each character was given a three ring binder with information about their person, secrets he knows, and who he believes is the murderer. Each character also had goals to achieve for the evening. I think the purpose of the goals were to get people to interact with each other. Slick Doug’s goal was to get the digits of three ladies, which produced my favorite moment of the night. At one point, Matt went up to an older lady and said “You’re looking quite bodacious tonight. Can I get your digits?” The lady, probably sixties, gave him the look that one would expect a 60-some lady who was just called bodacious to give. She followed that look with her answer, “No.” I laughed so hard. Keep in mind, Matt was just playing his role. Let’s hope that lady knew that was only part of the game and not some young, fresh man prowling on a cougar. Hilarious.
Now, to the crime. James Diamond, Poison’s manager, gets MURDERED. Gasps. The murder happened so quickly I missed it. He fell to the floor while Poison was singing. The rest of the evening was spent trying to figure out whodunit. We were able to ask the characters questions to gather as much information as we could before making our most educated guess at the end of the evening. There was a rule that the characters could not lie if they had information and someone asked a direct question to which they knew the answer.

The dinner part of the event was a buffet. It was pretty good but nothing much to speak of. Chicken, pasta, salad, fruit, etc. Drinks had an 80’s theme, as well. We consumed.

Slick Doug talking with James Diamond

Slick Douglas & Kelly. Prepping for his role.

WHO DID IT?! At the end of the evening, each table had to guess the murder and the murder’s motive. The winner was given $10,000,000 in prize money (note: prize invalid if winner is wearing fabric of any sort, less than 100 years of age, and a resident of the United States). We were WRONG! We chose the obvious scapegoat. Oh well. It was all in good fun. We had a nice evening! I have one suggestion for this company – make everybody play a character!! I realize that would require much more work on their end but I think it’d be more fun for everyone to act silly and be in character together rather than just a handful of people. Overall it was an interesting, fun evening!!

xxoo. ltw

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