the dirty south

A couple weeks ago Lu, my mom and myself ventured down to the dirty south. I was looking forward to a weekend of sticky hot heat and blinding sun. Instead we were greeted with overcast skies followed by rain. All day long. But of course we still managed to have a wonderful time. For those who don’t know, Lu’s mom and brother both live in Atlanta. I’ve now been there a handful of times. It’s a fun city! 
Given that momma Joan has become quite the little dancer, we decided to hit a dance club on our first night there. We were specifically looking for a salsa club. What did we find? A gay, Latin dance club. Did we go? You better believe it. Lu included. I bet he never imagined to be at gay Latin night with his wife, his mom and his mother-in-law. There was a drag show that started at 130 am. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it quite that late. In fact, when we showed up at 10 pm, we were the very first ones to arrive. I suppose that gay Latin crowd starts the party laaate!
mamas dancing. first ones on the dance floor!
beans in the club
the ladies
The next couple days were spent eating delicious food and enjoying time together. Susana cooked for us and it was so good. We went to see Lu’s brother’s gym – he owns a crossfit gym.
fresh squeezed oj courtesy of lu
arepas, orange/papaya juice, homemade salsa, fresh fruit. heaven.
lu’s a goober. at steve’s gym, BTB fitness.
The boys woke up early on Sunday to watch the end of the French Open male final, Nadal vs Djokovic. This is what I found when I came downstairs.
sleeping dudes
Sunday evening we ate a southern comfort dinner. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, german chocolate cake. The only thing missing was Ms Paula Dean herself. Holy heavy foods. This lead to me being swollen the next morning from sodium overload and feeling like a oaf. We did have some friends join us for dinner and it was a lovely evening despite the gluttony. And my loose fitting blouse hid the food baby.
our moms at dinner. beautiful ladies!
friends in a food coma
It was a fun but very quick weekend trip. My work schedule sure does hinder my social life. We’ll be going back to Atlanta soon, no doubt. Hopefully next time we’ll get that hot, hot heat that Atlanta is experiencing right now. I heard they hit a record of 105 this week. Wowza. 
xoxo, ltw

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