cheers to Kelly!

Happy birthday, Kelly!! My little bro’s girlfriend, Kelly, is basically a part of the family now. She is so sweet, nice…. all of those positive adjectives! On her birthday, it was only appropriate to celebrate in a fun way last Friday night. Storm clouds rolled in on Friday morning and it was so dark that we had to turn on the lights in our apartment. I was bummed because rain can put a damper on things! But a couple hours before the celebration was to begin, the storm clouds parted and a gorgeous evening ensued.  We began with a few drinks at Wells on Wells. This bar has a cute beer garden in the back. And it also happens to be a Hawkeye bar. A win-win.
birthday girl! her shirt was so cute. wish it had taken a full body pic.
After drinks, we took her to Topo Gigio in Old Town. This place has some of the most delicious Italian I think I’ve ever eaten! It’s so yummy. We were joined by my parents and about a hundred of our closest Chicago friends… Topo Gigio is extremely LOUD. I felt like I was shouting across the table. But the cute Tuscan ambiance and amazing food trumps any and all loudness. 
my selection: chicken stuffed w/ prosciutto, fontina, spinach & sun-dried tomatoes. cooked in porcini mushroom sauce.
birthday girl with tortellini!
beans. and momma.
The evening culminated with, what else, gelato. The birthday girl also got a special treat from yours truly… some brownie bites with cream cheese frosting. I haven’t had brownies in a while. I had forgotten about those little devils.
twenty-three! wishing you a wonderful year.
Anybody want to take me to Italy now? I have Italy on the mind and I’d go there tomorrow if I could. Who’s in? I’ll leave you with a few pictures.
xoxo, ltw

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