independence day

I love the fourth of July. I love it because it’s the epitome of summer. I always feel nostalgia when it’s over, and I get a little sad that we have to wait a whole year before we can enjoy the holiday again. This year, it was one million degrees in Chicago. Well, not quite. It was 102. You heard me, one hundred and two degrees. It was sunny with not a cloud in the sky. Exactly the day I was hoping for in Chicago. 
wrigley building
Lu and I spent the afternoon at Oak Street beach with Matt and Kelly. We were out there with all of the other crazy people. Really, who goes outside when it’s 102? But to be honest, that 102 air temperature was not the problem. The biggest problem was the 500 degree sand on our toes. Even with flip flops on, the sand burned our feet so badly. It was truly traumatic. Matt, Kelly and Lu ventured to the water, which I am told was pretty chilly. I held down the fort and stayed on my safe spot, the towel. We survived the day without a sunburn or heat exhaustion. A success, if you ask me.
matt, kelly & lu. beach bums.
oak street beach
oak street beach
After the beach, we grabbed a quick lunch and frozen lemonades at Panera. I just need to say that their Greek salad hits the spot every time. I’m obsessed. Then we headed south to our apartment for a BBQ with family and several other friends. Lu and I have been wanting to grill all summer but the dilemma is that we don’t own a grill. You know, just a minor detail. Matt told us about a “disposable grill” sold at Walgreens for $4. Talk about ghetto. But he piqued our interest so we bought five and figured we’d give it a go.
disposable $4 charcoal grill.
Believe it or not, the burgers and hotdogs were amazing! I was totally impressed with these things. I should also give props to Matt and Lu for manning the grills in that excessive heat. They had sweat dripping off of their faces. Poor guys! We were joined by my parents and several of our Booth friends. We drank beers, ate burgers, and enjoyed an all-American evening. Kelly made a flag cookie that officially put me over the limit of indulgence and into the uncomfortable-food-baby-stomach zone. My diet started today. 
12 inch mini-quick disposable grill. haha.
adam & meghan. the future bride & groom! :)
the girls. meghan, deana, me

missing deana’s hub!
fireworks over lake michigan
Both of my parents left the party early and I didn’t get to capture a picture with them! It was such a fun holiday. Today I had to go back to work, and it totally felt like a Monday in every sense of the word. I wish we could have days like the fourth of July every day of summer. Although, if we did I’d be a 300 lb oaf with a beer drinking problem. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Let’s do it again next year. 
xxoo, ltw

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