here comes the bride

This weekend I ventured to Iowa City for my good friend, Katie’s bridal shower. The shower, hosted by her aunt, was fabulous. We ate, we drank mimosas, and we played shower games. Let it be known that I tied for first place in the “who knows Katie best” game. It’s strange how well I know her… I mean we’ve only been friends since elementary school. Katie looks so beautiful, thin, tan and all of those other things you want to be when your wedding is approaching. But most importantly, she looked happy – the happiest I’ve ever seen her! She was glowing. The shower was absolutely wonderful. Let’s take a look at the pictures.
gourmet eats
shower games
bride & maid of honor
the bride & the hostess
the bride with her attendants
three generations
After the shower, we hit up the Athletic Club. For those who don’t know, the Athletic Club is kind of like a country club complete with an outdoor pool. I spent many, many summer days of my childhood at the Athletic Club. Going back yesterday was quite nostalgic. Part of me felt like I hadn’t been there in decades. But part of me felt like it was just yesterday. What a strange dichotomy of feelings. Katie and I shared some chicken fingers with fries just like the good old days except this time there was wine involved. We ordered two glasses of chardonnay. What did the bartender give us? An igloo water-cooler size mug of wine. I guess that’s how they do it in Iowa these days. Saturday night we hung out at Katie’s parents’ house and again I was taken back to the days of our youth. I spent countless hours in that house! Being there for the weekend was such a treat. 
the athletic club. it was empty because it was 100 degrees out!
Sunday morning was leisurely. We ate Bruegger’s bagels. We looked at Katie’s engagement announcement in the local newspaper. We eventually packed our things and while I went off to Chicago, Katie went home to Minneapolis. Although, my journey got off to a rough start. I decided to make a pit stop at Von Maur because sometimes a girl has just gotta shop. In the Von Maur parking lot, I notice a nail sticking out of my front tire. Uh-oh. I stared at it for probably a full minute and then did what I always do when I don’t know what to do. I called Lu. He told me to take it to a tire shop and have them patch it. I obliged. Except that they couldn’t patch the tire! The mechanic told me that the nail was placed in a spot that wasn’t safe for patching. He also said he couldn’t recommend that I drive to Chicago on that tire. I ended up having to purchase new tires. Ouch. Not only were we set back the cost of the new tires but also the cost of the four new dresses I purchased while I waited for them to fix my car. Double ouch. But the dresses are really cute and shopping in Iowa City is always a bargain compared to these Michigan Ave prices! I have to say I am satisfied with my purchases today… except for those darn tires. I made it home in good time and found the big frijol waiting for me. I missed that guy! We’ll be going back to Iowa City together in just over three weeks for Katie’s nuptials. I cannot wait!! Bridesmaid diet commencing tomorrow. 
xxoo, ltw

2 thoughts on “here comes the bride

  1. Don't go on a diet, skinny lady.

    Other than that, this post made me so happy…and sad. The athletic club?!?! Ahh the good old days. Wish I had been there.

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