happy birthday, lu

Happy birthday to my sweet Lu! Today is his day and now he’s on a conference call (poor guy, working on his birthday!). I’m left with some time do to a quick recap of our day.
it’s the birthday bean
I slept in and Lu got up to do a little work from home this morning. Again, poor guy. He shouldn’t be working so hard on his birthday. But he’s just dedicated like that and it’s one of the things I love about him. When I got up, I made him a Mexican birthday breakfast of eggs, quesadillas and some fresh fruit. We spent much of the day together. We had a birthday dinner at a local restaurant. Then we came home for cupcakes and opening presents. It was an enjoyable day.
Now about those cupcakes. I am starting to love any excuse to use my kitchen-aid mixer so I decided to step out of the boxed cake mix world and make my first homemade-from-scratch cupcakes.  I spent some time in the past few days researching which recipe to use. This red velvet cupcake is what I selected. Magnolia Bakery is delicious so I was all for using their recipe. The baking process took several hours. Granted I had to make two trips to the grocery store because I couldn’t seem to get all of the items on my list the first time. Also, I had some trouble not dying my kitchen towels and my hands when adding the red food coloring. Despite those setbacks, the cupcakes turned out to be sooo good! They weren’t like oh-my-goodness this is the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten good but they were pretty darn delicious and I am proud of my first attempt at making cupcakes from scratch.
birthday platter. way too many cupcakes for two people.

cupcake for my bean.

I’d definitely recommend the recipe if you have the time to make from scratch! If not, then box mix red velvet is usually pretty amazing, too (and fifteen minute prep time tops). Happy birthday, Lu!

xxoo, laura

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