a very wedding weekend

One weekend. Two weddings. A whole lot of love. One of my very favorite people in this world and my good friend since elementary school, Katie, got hitched! Lu and I made the journey to Iowa City to celebrate Katie and Drew for a fun long weekend the weekend before last. The bride was absolutely stunning and her smile was huge. The groom was as handsome as ever. Congratulations to the Olmsteds! May you have a lifetime of happiness and love together.
Lu and I stayed in a charming bed & breakfast in Iowa City called Brown Street Inn. It is situated on Brown Street, a historic brick-paved street downtown with many grand, old houses. The room was cozy and a little old fashioned but perfectly decorated for a bed & breakfast. One of my favorite things? The homemade cookies they baked for patrons each night. 
the white room at the brown street in
life long friends!
 It’s warms my heart to go back to Iowa City. Even though my family no longer lives there, a part of me will always feels at home when I return. I have over twenty years of memories from Iowa so my feelings run deep! And for those wondering, no I didn’t live on a farm. But I do think that would be a pretty fun lifestyle.
Now, back to the wedding…. We were up bright and early on Friday morning to start the festivities. The wedding day began with mimosas and a delicious breakfast courtesy of Katie’s momma. We then headed to the salon for pampering. Below is a picture of some of the bridesmaids before hair/makeup. Note the absolutely adorable little Cooper. He couldn’t be more precious.
wedding day! about to get ready.
Katie was relaxed and happy all day long, just as a bride should be. I have to say that she and Drew truly are a perfect couple. One of my favorite things about these two is their sense of humor. As everybody who knows them would agree, they are both h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. There is nothing better than finding a lifelong mate that can make you laugh day in and day out. And these two have that.

I loved Katie’s wedding colors, navy and orange. The pop of color had a summer feel and was lovely paired with the classic navy. However, those bright colors weren’t required to make the day feel summery because the 100 degree weather and beating sun took care of that on its own. It was a quintessential August day in Iowa. It was a wedding to remember. Now let’s look at pictures.

a beautiful bride
wedding day. happy day.
bridesmaids with the beautiful bride at the church
dressing room.
harvest table at imu
party beans. i love my groom! he boogied.
Introducing….Katie & Drew Olmsted!!

Cheers to you, Katie & Drew! You guys are loved and supported by so many. May your marriage be filled with many laughs and much happiness all the days of your lives!

The other lady getting married that weekend was the nurse practitioner on my floor at Lutheran General. She is so sweet and threw a fabulous wedding in Chicago! Both she and her groom are Filipino and the wedding had some traditional Filipino aspects. It was beautiful. And Lu finally got to meet some of the people I work with so that was exciting.

the reception

party beans at wedding #2!
the bride & groom

Congratulations to Jennelle & Phelp! Lu and I were exhausted after our wedding filled weekend. It took a few days of catching up on sleep to fully recover. We love weddings!