fall tv lineup

Another great thing about fall is the anticipated fall tv lineup. I can’t say I’m a huge tv junkie but there are several shows in which I indulge. Let’s take a look at a few of these shows. You watch any of em?

The most highly anticipated show of the season? Dexter. Dexter Morgan is a science geek, blood-spatter analyst working for the Miami Metro Police. While Dexter is busy solving homicide cases with his police colleagues, he hides a secret of his own… Dexter is a serial killer by night. Yes, he’s a serial killer but he’s not a monster. He’s a vigilante. He hunts and kills only murders. And the viewer falls in love with him. At least Lu and I have. The show is definitely gory so if you can’t handle blood and knife stabs to the heart, this may not be for you.

Dexter on Showtime

Smash. Smash is laced with rich musical numbers and romantic story lines. I love me some tv musicals and Katherine McPhee is great in this one. Karen Cartwright, the protagonist played by McPhee, is an Iowa girl who travels to NYC to pursue a career on Broadway. The show highlights her difficult path to becoming a star. Last season was all about one musical that the cast was rehearsing so I’ll be anxious to see where they take season two. Quite entertaining.

Smash on NBC

Bethenny Ever After. I love Bethenny. I’ve loved Bethenny ever since her outspoken days on The Real Housewives of New York. What’s not to love about this girl? She’s raw and she’s honest… Or at least she leads the viewer to believe that. Of course, I love her Skinnygirl products, too. I’ll take one Skinnygirl marg, please & thank you. 

bethenny ever after on bravo

I cannot believe we are approaching the final season of Gossip Girl. I was not an avid Gossip Girl fan from day one. I started watching during the third season so I had to play catch-up on DVD. As with most tv shows I watch on DVD, I end up spending hours of my day watching episode after episode. I have a love/hate relationship with tv on DVD. I absolutely love it; it’s genius with no commercials and not having to wait a whole week for the next show. But I hate it because it ruins my social life until I watch every single episode. Anyway, Gossip Girl chronicles the outrageous life of wealthy and attractive young adults living in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It’s so ridiculous. They live extravagant lives and it’s all play and no work. Nothing is off limits with these people. I unfortunately missed most of the episodes from last season… guess it’s time to rent those DVDs before the final season begins this fall. Uh oh.

gossip girl on fox

Any other shows I should look out for this season? 


Dog Days: Addendum

Remember how I was saying that these days autumn doesn’t bring anything new? Well, there actually is something very new happening in my life this fall…

It has been growing inside of me….

The urge, that is.

To get a NEW JOB!! Was that misleading?! Starting in mid-October, I’ll be working in the medical ICU at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I am so excited to begin this new phase of my career! It was definitely a bittersweet decision though because my current job has been a wonderful place for me over the past year. My boss and my coworkers are all great people and great nurses. But this is an amazing opportunity for me!

Also, I got a new computer! It’s a MacBook Air. I absolutely love it!! It’s extremely lightweight and thin. The only negative thing about the Air is that the storage space is limited. But for my purposes, there is plenty of storage. I definitely recommend it. Next apple purchase? The new iphone for big frijol!

Now I can’t complain about a lack of new things come this fall! I have a new job to look forward to and a new computer to enjoy.  :)

xo, lw

Dog Days

The dog days of summer are definitely over. Hello crisp, fall air. Hi chai lattes and pumpkin-flavored everything. Let’s not forget, of course, to say hello to fall fashion, which is quite possibly my favorite season for fashion. I love fall. I’ve always loved fall. 

When I was a youngster, I would think of fall as the beginning. The start of an exciting new school year. Yes, I was one of those kids who was secretly excited to return to school. In fact, fall was more of a new beginning than the actual new year in my mind. Anybody with me on this one? But these days as a career woman, the changing of the leaves doesn’t bring anything new.  I do the same thing day in and day out, no matter the season. I’m determined to do some fall activities over the next couple of months and enjoy this pleasant time of year. Let’s see how many things I can check off of my fall to-do list this year.

Fall To-Do List:

1. Visit an apple orchard and take the big frijol with me. I’ve done this one time in my life. I went to Wilson’s Orchard in Iowa City and I remember it being a fun experience with marvelous, fresh apples. 
2. Carve a pumpkin. Always a favorite fall activity.

3. Go to a football game.  Fall and football. What goes together better? I have to admit, I’m not a huge football fan but I do love the excitement of being in a stadium.
4. Make my own chai-tea mix.  Specifically, this one that I found on Pinterest. I could guzzle chai tea like it’s going out of style.

5. Buy some Hunter boots. I think these would work well in snow with a liner, no?
6. Buy some fall colored sweaters. Gold, burnt orange, khaki. Bring it on.

7. Go to a haunted house with the big frijol to unleash my inner high-school spirit. Boo!
8. Drive around looking at autumn leaves…. while listening to Cat Stevens. Cat Stevens will forever remind me of the days when Lu came to visit me in Lexington and we would drive through the beautiful Kentucky countryside in the fall listening to Cat Stevens. It is one of my favorite memories and I cannot listen to his music without nostalgia.
9. Indulge in pumpkin-flavored everything. Including the best pumpkin bread ever. Here is the recipe and everybody should make it. If you want it a little bit healthier, exchange half of the oil for unsweetened applesauce a 1:1 ratio. Tastes exactly the same. Want to make it a little less healthier?
 Add cream cheese frosting.

10. FINISH the Bank of America Chicago Marathon! I’ve been training for the past couple of months and we are just over three weeks away. ¡Ay caramba!

Colorado in the fall is a magical place. I miss it. The glowing aspen leaves are so beautiful. Below are a few pictures I snapped while living in Colorado.  I’d love to go back and visit Boulder this fall but I feel that one is a little unrealistic to make the list.

Any fun fall activities I missed on my to-do list? xo, lw