Dog Days: Addendum

Remember how I was saying that these days autumn doesn’t bring anything new? Well, there actually is something very new happening in my life this fall…

It has been growing inside of me….

The urge, that is.

To get a NEW JOB!! Was that misleading?! Starting in mid-October, I’ll be working in the medical ICU at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I am so excited to begin this new phase of my career! It was definitely a bittersweet decision though because my current job has been a wonderful place for me over the past year. My boss and my coworkers are all great people and great nurses. But this is an amazing opportunity for me!

Also, I got a new computer! It’s a MacBook Air. I absolutely love it!! It’s extremely lightweight and thin. The only negative thing about the Air is that the storage space is limited. But for my purposes, there is plenty of storage. I definitely recommend it. Next apple purchase? The new iphone for big frijol!

Now I can’t complain about a lack of new things come this fall! I have a new job to look forward to and a new computer to enjoy.  :)

xo, lw

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