celebrations & family

We take any excuse to celebrate. Last week the celebration was my little brother’s 24th birthday. He is now officially in his mid-twenties. We did what we do best and we ate sushi on his actual birthday, September 21. Sushi & saki bombs. That’s a good birthday if you ask me.
the birthday boy & his lady

the bean family

The birthday celebration continued last week because all birthdays should last longer than one day. We went to a restaurant in Lakeview called Socca. I had the most absolutely delicious butternut squash and acorn squash ravioli. This dish was so fabulously fall. Each bite made me melt. We all savored the good food and great company. Cheers to Matty! Some days I can’t believe my little innocent brother is a grown-up. Where do the years go? Ay caramba. 

at socca. vintage wash photo.
dad/son in law looking dapper as usual
Last weekend Lu’s mom came to visit Chicagoland. We had a wonderful time together. We sent Lu off on his first day of school.  We biked along the lakefront. We danced. We walked through park. Of course, the weekend went all too quickly. 

the first day of school!
biking along the lake. i love chicago.
biker chicks
we rode past the place that lu & i met! waveland tennis courts. nostalgia.
millennium park foliage.
que lindas!
love this lady!
live music & dancing at the drake
mr and mrs
Then it was goodbye on Sunday evening and back to the real world on Monday. Weekends are the bomb. 
xo, lw.

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