Chicago Marathon Expo

One more day, folks. Tomorrow is the Chicago Marathon. You know, that little race I’ve been training for over the past six months. I’m surprisingly giddy. I’m excited and I think, while it’s going to push my body to the extreme, it’ll be a lot of fun, too. The weather is going to be on the colder side — a frigid 36 degrees when the race starts according to the meteorologists. Of course, I’d rather have the see-your-breath type of weather than an Indian summer day. Once we’re moving and stuck in the sea of people, we probably won’t even notice the chilly autumn temperature. In fact, it’ll probably feel good.

Yesterday evening I hit up the expo at McCormick Place with Vince and Lu. We picked up our race-day packets, our bibs and the well-earned Chicago Marathon 2012 nike dry-fit tee. We went around the booths looking for free samples and some swag…  we didn’t have much success with that. Everything costs money these days. There was a cool Nike Chicago Marathon jacket I wanted for $115. Um. Never mind. We did get to eat some free Gatorade energy chews that tasted like candy. We stayed for several hours and perused the many vendors. Vince ran into multiple he knew. He’s popular. 

vince & lu
nike station. scan your bib and you own chicago.

How did I train my body to run for 26 miles? I used a training plan from the famous marathoner, Hal Higdon. Hal has contributed to Runner’s World magazine longer than any other writer, and I like Runner’s World. He also happens to be from Chicago. There’s a lot of buzz about Hal Higdon training programs in the running community. Many people have told me they used his programs and had success. I’ll admit I was not a die-hard trainer. I skipped days and I tweaked the running schedule so it worked for me. I always tried to get in the weekend long runs and keep my mileage high during the week. Also, I kept doing Shred regularly. Let’s hope I’m prepared… We’ll find out tomorrow! My goal is simply to finish.

How will I fuel my stride during the race? Running 26 miles requires refueling mid-race. There are stations through out the course with hydration, Gatorade, and some food. A lot of runners use the Gu gels or the Gatorade carb chews. I have never used them while running, and I shouldn’t start now.
Word is that some people get GI upset with those gels so I never felt compelled to use them. What did I use to fuel my long runs during training? Fruit snacks. I read online that this worked for some people who didn’t want to use the high glucose chews and after trying it, I discovered it worked for me, too. I’ll be packin’ fruit snacks in my pockets tomorrow. I am a little worried about hyponatremia and over-hydration. Some people suggest taking down two salt packets post race (the kind you would get at a fast food joint) to make up for the sodium lost in sweat. I’ll probably do that. We’ll also be carb loading tonight with a pasta dinner. 

Let’s talk about something important now. Fashion. What am I wearing for the race? The outfit is important. I’ve had my fair share of chaffing during training (TMI). I have fairly sensitive skin. I’ll be wearing Lululemon star running tights on bottom. I loooove these pants. And they have plenty of pockets for my fruit snacks. My top will probably be a game day decision. Originally, my plan was to wear the star runner short-sleeve. Now that I know it’s going to be freezing outside I will likely wear the star runner pullover. However, I may wear both because I anticipate that the tee will be too little in the beginning but the long sleeve will be too much in the end. I’m hoping to plan a strategic place my momma will be watching so that I can hand her my pullover. I don’t want to worry about losing it or carrying it the rest of the race. It probably seems like I’m a lululemon snob right about now. I don’t buy the gear simply because of the brand; I buy it because it really is good stuff. Like I said, other clothes have made me chafe and the lululemon star running material is seamless and wicks away sweat without feeling wet. It’s thick but breathable. It works the best for me. And it does look good… bonus! The shoes I’m wearing are Asics Gel Blur 33. I’ve been using these consistently since April when I wrote this post on shoes. I like my kicks. 

26.2 don’t stop

I can’t wait for tomorrow! I uploaded tracking for my bib number. My mile splits at 10k, half marathon, 20k and the finish will automatically upload to my facebook wall for those of you who care. Send some good vibes my way! =)

xo, lw

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