I love a good mantra. Oh, the power of words. They can be uplifting. I have a new mantra and it’s quite cliche but I love it anyway. I say it to myself almost every morning. I definitely say my mantra on the walk to work. I say it to others and now I’m saying it to you.

Make today a good day.

wicked paper co

Let’s break this mantra down. It’s true, some days the universe is against you and no matter what you do you cannot salvage the day. I get that. I’ve been there. Then there are those days where the stars align and all you had to do was show up. But most days are just waiting to be madeWe control our decisions, our actions and our reactions. We can make our situation good/better or we can make it bad/worse. Of course there are always outside influences and complicating factors but I believe the goodness of our day begins and ends with us. We only have a finite number of days on this earth so make em good ones people! Don’t accept a bad day… but if you must, accept it with your head high and the knowledge that you have the opportunity to make tomorrow a good day. 

 Want another mantra?

You are stronger than you know.
keep calm

I like to use this mantra when I workout. I repeat it in my head when I’m doing those high hill intervals at quick speeds at Shred (yes, we take it all the way to 15% incline… and we’ll still be running). I also like to tell myself “you can do anything for one minute,” which is a total trick because after that one minute I say it again…. and again. Insert evil laugh here. But it works for me! We are stronger than we sometimes give ourselves credit for physically and emotionally. With the marathon and joining Shred this past year, I’ve learned that I can work my body and my mind much harder than I ever realized and I am stronger than I know. You are, too. 

Those are two of my favorite mantras. I’d love to hear what mantra or inspirational quotes you use to empower yourself. Now go make today a good one! 


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