Colorado Rocky Mountain High

And the Colorado rocky mountain high
I’ve seen it rainin fire in the sky
The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullaby
Rocky mountain high…

Colorado will always be like a home to me. I was lucky to spend four great years there in college and going back always brings a bit of nostalgia. Over the past couple of weeks I made not one but two Colorado ski trips. That seems extravagant. YOLO.


My dad, Lu and I packed up and went to Breckenridge for a weekend trip where we met my uncle and cousin. Lu had only snowboarded one day in his life before these trips. He was phenomenal. It takes most people several rounds of falling on their booty before they can comfortably go down the slope doing turns. It took Lu about half of one day (I’m serious) without lessons of course. He actually was going down blue (intermediate) runs on our last day… and one accidental black mogul run because we didn’t follow the trail map. I was telling Lu if he had started snowboarding when he was a little boy, he’d probably be Shaun White. But given the professional skiers and snowboarders I was friends with in Boulder, I’m definitely glad Lu didn’t live that wild & crazy lifestyle. 

greeted by a sunny Colorado the first go-round

Anyway, Breckenridge was fun but a little dicey. The snow this season has been less than desired and it was pretty warm the weekend we were in Breck so conditions weren’t the best. We still had a blast. The only thing that made leaving alright was knowing we’d be back in Colorado the following weekend for more shenanigans.

what a cutie

Our second trip was to Vail. Hello Vail. I love you. Love you, too, Beaver Creek. This trip was a little bit longer being a whole four days, which is still not enough. Vail had 17 inches of powder right before we arrived. Yessss! 

greeted this time by snow
riding the gondola
look at all that powder. see the speck above? that’s sweet Lu.
action shot

slopes & moguls
dad & son-in-law

We took a couple wrong turns in Vail and came upon some serious mansions. I snapped a few photos as we drove by that don’t do the homes justice. They were gorgeous. Maybe one day… a girl can dream…

One of my closest friends from CU, Katie, drove up from Denver to ski a day with us in Vail. It was really nice to see her… I hadn’t seen her since my wedding! Lu and I both think she is the sweetest gal so that was an added treat to our Vail trip. 

random pic – beanie twins

There are a couple of other things I want to tell you guys. In the ski shop there was a picture of a ski racer clocked at 110.5 mph. Whaaat? I wouldn’t drive a car that fast let alone strap myself on two sticks and go down a mountain. Notice even his ski poles are aerodynamic by curving around the thigh. Peeps are crazy.

a ninja. 110.5mph

Also, Lu and I did a couple workouts while we were in CO. Let’s just say I am definitely deconditioned since living in high altitude. I ran at a slower pace and could hardly catch my breath.

Now it’s back to real life. Lu was back to school today. My dad was back to work today. I was lucky and don’t have to go back until tomorrow so I could run a few errands, clean and get back in the routine today. I just hope to escape back to Colorado soon. Or the beach, that would do too. 

i miss it

xo, ltw


2 thoughts on “Colorado Rocky Mountain High

  1. That is Coop's favorite song. He sings along (mostly just singing “hiiiiiiigh” at the end of every line). We listen to it practically anytime we're in the car.

    Looks so fun! Two weekends in a row–you guys are too legit to quit. I love Breck, but I've only been there in the summer. Miss you. I am going to try to blog this week! And take a bump picture! All for you. I've made so many empty promises and I know you're on the edge of your seat;)

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