Some random thoughts & a birthday

Having a February birthday is great. Ew, February. Why? Because we get that one special day to look forward to during a cold, dreary month where winter lingers and summer is only a distant memory…

Happy Birthday Poppa T!! It was my dad’s birthday on February 1st and we celebrated in the most classy way with cupcakes & campaign. It was actually a surprise party and boy was he surprised. Unfortunately, I missed his priceless expression since I was at work and made a late appearance but word is it was a good one. He was sooo confused and surprised. Here’s to a year of good health & happiness. Cheers to you, Poppa!


Now a few random thoughts.

1) One of my biggest pet-peeves is when a stranger calls me hon, honey, sweetie or any other “endearing” name. This especially bothers me if it is someone within three decades of my age. It’s condescending and it happens way too often. 

2) Lemon chobani yogurt is amazing. The lemon flavor was on sale at our local grocery store for $0.49/each. Those of you who buy chobani know that even $1.00/each is a decent deal so when I saw one for fourty-nine cents I assumed the flavor must be nasty. I bought it anyway. It’s now my faaavorite flavor. It’s delicious. I can’t stop. Won’t stop. I don’t even think it’s on sale anymore.

3) Have you ever wondered why sugar is added to dried fruit? Me too. I have looked high and low for straight-up dried fruit with nothing added. Is that too much to ask? Well, I found what I was looking for in the Denver Airport. It’s called Just Peeled and it is organic fruit… Just the fruit, plain and simple, dried. Ahhh, refreshing. I could quickly become a Just Peeled addict but that price tag is mighty steep…  Feel free to send me a box at your earliest convenience.

4) I’m almost ready to commit to doing the Chicago Marathon again this year but I’m looking for somebody to run it with. Lu told me that if five people legitimately (as in five people who seriously consider running it) turn me down, he’ll run it. Any takers!? So far two people who have turned me down. Registration opens February 19. 

5) Lu and I are considering adopting…. a puppy!! We’re in the very early stages of looking around but we have our eye on a brindle boxer. How fun would that be? The responsible adult in me may decide a dog would be too much of an undertaking but right now a pup sounds pretty fun.

6) My favorite super bowl commercial was the farmer one. However, I did miss a lot of the commercials because I was in the kitchen, on my phone, twiddling my thumbs and doing various other activities to keep me entertained. Football is not my thing. Can ya tell?

7) I miss Colorado. It’s hard going back to real life. 

8) Have you gotten a no-chip manicure? No-chips are fabulous. They truly last me two weeks or longer and when I’m at work my nails take quite the beating. I found a cute little nail salon in the west loop that does the no chip for $34. The nail tech Vanessa is adorable. Chicagoland gals should go check it out.

9) I’m so excited for the Grammys this Sunday. It’s my favorite award show because we get to watch cool performances, and you know all of the artists want to do their absolute best since they are performing in front of all of their peers. I’m quite excited to watch Bruno Mars. His voice makes me swoon especially in this song.

10) Is anyone watching The Bachelor? Tierra. That is all.


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