it’s official

First of all, happy birthday to me! Yep, I’m officially in my late twenties but still look early twenties. Just yestrday I had someone guess my age to be 22. Good times. Lu and I have had a relaxing start to this Saturday birthday. I was hoping to sleep until noon but that didn’t happen so instead we had a delicious breakfast at a local restaurant near our apartment, Eggy’s. I got an egg white omelet with swiss cheese, avocado, spinach and salsa. It hit the spot. Lu had a fancy concoction like eggs benedict or something. Yum. Now, I sit on the couch and let my system digest that amazingness. Lu is actually on a conference call for the next hour so I have some one-on-one time with my MacBook Air. 

Last night I came home from work to beautiful flower arrangements from 
two loves of my life, husband and the Olmsteds!! It made my day.

On the birthday agenda today:
Exercise. Gotta get those endorphins.
Hit up Fleet Feet for compression socks. What? I need these. I am on my feet roughly 10 out of 12.5 hours per day at work.  Also, I hear these are great for long run recovery.

Hit up Lululemon for a new sports bra because why not?


Eat cake.

Don’t regret eating said cake
And make it a GREAT day!!

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