grammys recap

Did you watch the grammys? It’s like a big concert. I love how various artists collaborate and sing together for some quality entertainment. Also, Lu thinks that Jack White looks like Jodie Foster. 

Here are some of my thoughts about the show:

We looooved Justin Timberlake’s retro performance and that second song definitely had some soul. Bruno Mars? Yes, please. Did you see the Bob Marley tribute? Did you see Damian Marley’s hair? Good Lord.

That jazz trio playing Dave Brubeck’s Take Five… Now, that was some real music and they should have had a much longer segment.

Elton John/Zac Brown Band/Mumford & Sons/et al. doing The Weight. Beautiful. Who the heck is Brittany Howard? Girl can sing. Wowza. I actually went back on the DVR and listened to her part multiple of times (nerd alert). I think I’m kind of obsessed with her now. I even made a photo montage because I’m really cool. Look at those expressions. And that gold shoulder-padded jacket. Oh yes.

get it girlfriend

Those were the performances that I loved. Fun singing in the rain was also a hoot. Did you know that the Fun lead singer, Nate Ruess, was born in Iowa City? Me neither. Now we know. 

There were
performances I didn’t love including:
Taylor Swift (overrated)
Frank Ocean (Forrest Gump? I didn’t get it)
Miranda Lambert (boring… I literally fast-forwarded)
Carrie Underwood (that lit up dress was dumb)
LL Cool J (obnoxious) 

How hot is Rihanna these days? I think she is just one of the most gorgeous people out there.

What did you think of the Grammys? Who did you like? What are you up to today? I did a grueling Shred workout this morning. I stopped in Costco on the way home for about five items and I forgot three of them… Costco fail. I did find the best protein shake ever. You know how protein shakes & juices usually taste gritty? This one is smooth and delicious. It’s cheaper than Naked juice.

 Hope you guys are having a great day today! And if your Monday is not so great 
then this is for you:

Make it a good, guys, and just remind yourself that each day we’re one day closer to spring… 
xoxo, ltw


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