my side

Do you and your significant other have your own sides in the bed? I’m assuming that answer would be yes for just about everybody. What about on the couch? Lu and I have our own sides on the couch. I sit on the side with our coffee table because I am rarely just watching TV but I am usually multitasking and have various things I need next to me at all times. There are days when Lu leaves for class and I’m in my spot on the couch…. and when he gets back from class I’m still in my spot…. Now we make fun of that and I’ll occasionally text him “I’m in my spot!” just for a hoot. We have simple humor. 

I use to love my spot but now it has turned on me. My spot is…. BREAKING. If that isn’t a sign that I sit on my booty for too many hours then I don’t know what is (I swear I’m an active person).  This situation reminds me of that Subway commercial where people are eating fast food and the buttons pop off of their pants or their chair collapses. As you can see below, there is exposed frame and insulating fabric stuff. It isn’t normally visible, I had to pull the cushions out of the way for this picture but it sure is uncomfortable. If the cushion isn’t all the way flush with the back of the couch, then I can feel the wooden bar while I’m sitting. And it actually squeaks when I change positions. Lame. In all honesty, I love this couch. It has lived in several different cities with me. I have a lot of memories with this piece of furniture. It is quite polarizing though…. It’s one of those couches you sink into and it takes some muscle to get yourself out. Some love it. Some hate it. But we all agree it’s perfect for napping.

my spot
my poor spot

This is good motivation for a challenging workout today. ;) I’m on the waitlist for a Shred class and it looks like I’m not getting in so instead I’ll be doing a speed workout inspired from a blog I recently found the Hungry Runner Girl. I really don’t like speed work. No pain no gain will be my motto today. It will also help that I have a massage scheduled for this afternoon. Sweet Lu gave me a gift certificate for an hour massage for part of my bday gift. If only he could give me an hour massage every night. It’s just a simple request. 

Now back to enjoying my delicious & nutritious cup of joe

xoxo, ltw


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