this must be heaven

The city of Chicago cracks me up. On multiple occasions I have encountered traffic-directors directing traffic at a working stoplight. In other words, Chicago employs people to direct drivers to go when the light is green and stop when it’s red. There is no event going on. There is no malfunction of the stoplight. They’re just there to remind us of basic traffic rules. Today, I dropped Lu off at school in Hyde Park and there was a nice gentleman directing a four-way stop. He stood in the middle of the intersection and waved cars through the stop sign when it was their turn. Think about that. 

If everyday was like yesterday, I’d be in heaven on earth. I had a great workout in the am. I had a massage (my lower back is tight but what else is new). Then I had a second little birthday celebration with our friends eating sushi and fro-yo.

megerly. love her!
fro-yo, yo

Today is my last day off and then it’s back to the grind at work for three shifts in a row. I have been doing pretty well with my new year resolution of living in the moment. I think I’ve been overall less stressed with work and thoroughly enjoying my days off.

Also, I wanna say what’s up to Abby… I’m glad you’re updating us on your life again! I’ve been working on your baby gift and let’s just say it’s a girly one. 

Make it a good day peeps!


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