a day of firsts

Yesterday I had my first celebrity siting in Chicago….David Eigenberg aka Steve Brady from Sex and the City (yeah, I didn’t know his name either… definitely had to google that). I was walking to a doctor’s appointment and I spotted him looking like a completely normal person on Fairbanks. From a distance I thought to myself “he looks like Miranda’s guy from Sex and the City.” As he got closer, I realized it actually was him. We made eye contact and I was thinking “should I say something?” and he was thinking “twenty-something year old girl? She definitely loves me. Except for when I cheated on Miranda.” He has that new show Chicago Fire and they film it in the city so I suppose it’s not that strange to see him out and about. I was excited though because I never see celebs here. And no, I didn’t say anything. I had to play it cool.

I also got my very
first Lululemon sports bra yesterday. I am notorious for never buying new sports bras and when I do I’m super picky. I like a lot of support. I truly cannot remember the last time I bought a new one but if I had to guess I’d say it was about four years ago. The ones I have now have lost all support and are basically worthless. I’ve kind of been dreading looking for a new one because I am usually left unsatisfied. Let’s give it a go, Lulu.

reminds me a little bit of the hamburglar but it’s still cute. ;) they actually didn’t have amazing color choices

I may or may not have gotten a running top, too. Impulse purchase at Lululemon not a first.

Do you like the art we have above our bed? That’s a Walker original.
See post.

It was also the first time I got this trail mix and it has presented a major problem. The amazing combo of dried bananas, tart cherries, chocolate nibs & peanuts is too much for me to handle. I cannot stop. :/ I like to tell myself it’s really healthy.

Perhaps the most exciting first of the day…. I did my first sub seven minute mile!! I just barely squeaked under 7 and finished in 6:58. Woo woo! My jogging pace these days is about an 8:40min/mile and I usually hate speed work especially mile sprints (yes I consider that sprinting). It feels good to break down barriers!

Here’s a random video of a crazy person skiing in Switzerland, triggering an avalanche and doing a back-flip while he’s at it. No big deal.

Off to work… I hope you all make today a great day. You know that’s what I’m gonna do. xo, ltw


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