a new challenge

Ok, guys. I’ve been having a lot of eater’s remorse this past week. After my birthday extravaganza came Valentine’s day and loads of chocolate at work. Now Easter candy is out and somebody (mom) got me Cadbury creme eggs aka one of my weakest weaknesses. What did I do today? I baked chocolate candy bars inside of chocolate chip cookies a la this recipe.

I’m all for sweets in moderation but I think I’ve officially hit rock bottom. Or maybe we should say I’ve hit an all time high… sugar high. My body is sort of freaking out and craving fresh, clean food. My mind is sort of freaking out that I have so much glucose running through my veins. I truly feel better when I’m not eating so much junk.

I have a new challenge for myself. No. More. Sweets. For how long? Let’s start with one month. February 18 – March 18 (I have to start tomorrow because I had those darn cookies today). Fortunately, I also love and crave fruit so my plan of action is to replace chocolate with fruit. Easy (not). 

What happens after one month? If I feel great, then I’ll keep going! Or perhaps I’ll add in sweets in moderation. We’ll see.

I’d love if someone would join me. Lu’s on board. Any other takers?? I sort of did this last year if you remember this post but I cheated a little bit. This year there will be no cheating. Maybe some of you gave up sweets for Lent. 

You are what you eat. It’s science.


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