Last night my little bro and his girlfriend, Kelly, had the bean family over for a little birthday dinner and game night. You people are spoiling me. I’ve had multiple birthday celebrations this year and it has been amazing. Kelly made a delicious pulled beef dish that I should have photographed. It was so flavorful and satisfying! I was craving some leftovers for lunch today. We ate those cookies I made for dessert and felt ill. They were dense and really rich… let’s just say it was a good way to say goodbye to sweets for a while. 

Since we’re gamers, we then spent the evening playing various board games and laughing a lot. My favorite game is Wits & Wagers. The way the game works: there’s a random trivia question (the answer is always a number) and everybody has to guess the correct answer/number. Once everybody had made their guess, you bet on who is closest to the answer without going over.  For example, one of the questions last night was “in what year did the number of cell phones surpass the number of landlines worldwide?” It’s such a fun game because most of the questions are so random and nobody really has a clue so it’s hilarious to see what people actually guess. FYI I think the answer was 2002 for the cellphone question. You guys should check it out.

We also played Apples for Apples and Scattergories, which is another one of my favorites. Game nights are really fun especially when you’re with fun peeps. We watched this video and lost it. So funny. We also watched this video. Um, that kid is going to be a trouble-maker! Last night was a blast.

Today, I did a 6 mile run on the treadmill with 8:15/mile pace (heads up for an exciting running post tomorrow…). I’m hitting up Costco this afternoon with my gal, Meghan. I’ll be making lasagna for dinner and then watching The Bachelor (so ridiculous) with Lu. Hope you all are making the best of your day!

xxoo, lw


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