I am officially registered for the Chicago marathon! Ok, not quite yet. But I will be... as soon as the website is back up (um, it went down due to technical errors. How FRUSTRATING! Registration opened today at noon and I tried for a couple hours to sign up. I kept getting an error message). Now this is on their website:


Anyway, it’s happening. Marathon part two. I am so excited to do it again this year but things will be different. As with many experiences in life, I learned a lot the first time and there are things I will change the second go-round.

1) I will stick to a strict training program. Last year I did Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 training program but I was very relaxed with the schedule. I skipped days. I shortened some of the runs. I was not super committed and this year, I will be. I’m going to follow Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1. Unfortunately, I’ll have to make some changes due to my work schedule but I’m going to do my very best to stick to this as closely as possible.

hal higdon intermediate 1 training program

2) I will change my eating. I had a few people ask me last year if I was going to follow an eating plan in addition to a running training plan. That sounded crazy to me. The only change in my eating was that I ate more. This year, I’ll adjust my eating to make sure my body is getting enough nutrients to recover and stay healthy. Of course it won’t be any sort of strict plan but I will increase my protein through out the week. I haven’t done enough research on this yet so more to come.

3) I have an actual time goal in mind. Last year my goal was simply to finish (and not cardiac arrest). My official chip time last year was 4 hours 20 minutes 17 seconds which translates to a 9:56 minute/mile. This year my goal is under 4 hours.

my official finisher’s certificate

4) I will stretch more, ice more and foam roll more. I hate stretching. I don’t know why because when I actually take the time to stretch it feels really good. For some reason, I just check out once I’m done with the run. I’ll slow jog and walk to cool down and that’s about it. Last year I went through the stretching motions some but I did a pretty lame job at that. I never took an ice bath. I did ice my knees after the long runs but even that was minimal. Actually, I’m really lucky that I didn’t have any injuries or lingering pains from the experience.  This year, I’ll take the time to take care of my body. 

5) I’m doing it alone. Sad face. Last year I did it with my older bro. To be honest, we didn’t really run together or train together but we talked about it and we were in it together. I’ve asked (and bribed) basically all of my friends and family this year and I have no takers. Thanks for all of the love guys! ;)

With all of that said, there were things that I actually got right (for me) and I’ll keep those the same.  Last year I continued to do my shred classes in addition to running. I’ll be doing that again. Actually I think it’s shred that got me through the marathon since I wasn’t the most strict with the training plan. I love me some shred! Also, I used fruit snacks for fuel during my long runs and during the race…. they worked really well as my fuel and I had no GI issues ever (tmi)!! Lastly, Lu hopped in at mile 21 to run the last five miles with me. I was over the moon when I finally saw him at our planned spot on the course looking so fresh, handsome and smiley. It was exactly the motivation I needed to finish that grueling run. I love him. 

2012 marathon. can you see the fruit snacks i have bulging from pockets on my thighs?

If anybody reading this post is interested in running or planning on running it let me know!! I would seriously love to have somebody in this with me. I’m pumped. xo, lw


2 thoughts on “m-a-r-a-t-h-o-n

  1. Laura – I admire you so much! And, as your mother, I am proud of you ~
    You go, girl!! Good luck with the process. It sounds like you have a great plan…… and loads of support from family & friends, I am sure.
    With Love,

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