i’m being dramatic

I’m still not registered for the marathon and my heart is a little bit broken. I waited all afternoon and evening yesterday for the Bank of America Marathon page to reopen registration and it never happened.  They did provide an update that I did not like: 30,000 people were able to work their magic and actually register before the site shutdown which means there are only 15,000 spots left (I want to know who those 30,000 bribed). When Lu walked in the door coming home from Crossfit, I actually started tearing up a little bit when I told him this news (dramatic). I was being a downer and assuming that I wouldn’t get a spot. I’ve been extremely excited to do this race again so if I don’t get entry based on this ridiculous technical problem then my soul may be crushed. I actually didn’t realize how much I really wanted to run this marathon again until I wasn’t able to sign-up. Please send good vibes my way that I do get a bib in the coming days. ; )

They will announce on Thursday when the registration will reopen. Again, I will sit at my computer (for hours on end) and attempt to register (or get Lu to do it if I’m working). I’ll keep you guys updated since you’re prob on the edge of your seat.

Don’t worry your pretty heads too much though ; ). I do have a backup plan. If I don’t get into this race then I’m going to do a marathon in the west likely this one or this one. I hear that Portland is an amazing city so it would actually be really fun to make a little vacation out of a race. Perhaps we could even go to Napa or Sonoma…. this backup plan isn’t sounding so bad. It’s almost sounding better.

Now a couple of random things. I’m obsessing over Beyonce right now and Love on Top (yes, I realize that song is like two years old). It’s just that good. Also, did I tell you guys the first thing Lu said when I told him I was going to do one month without sweets? He goes, “there’s no way you can do that.” Ha. I’m now on day three of no sweets/candy/chocolate and it’s actually easier than I expected. I think I’m an all or nothing sort of person. It’s easier for me to cut out sweets all together but if you asked me to eat just one tootsie roll it’d be impossible. There is a chocolate cookie and a cadbury creme egg staring at me everyday in the kitchen and I walk by like it’s no big deal. 


Hope you guys all make it a good day. xo,lw


3 thoughts on “i’m being dramatic

  1. I hope you get in!! But the back-up plan does sound good~(as long as 'yo momma' gets to come cheer you on!) Anyway….. I bought that bowl your chocolates are in at Tamarack in WV when we all went to Pipestem, and it was made by WV artisans. I'm so glad you use it!! I had forgotten all about it. :)

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