Marathon update: There is no update. Over the past 48 hours, runners have been waiting for tonight’s update from the Bank of America marathon crew at 5PM. The update? They will give another update on February 28th. This is like having a meeting to plan a meeting. I’m still quite upset that I didn’t have success registering last Tuesday. I mean I only had the date on my calendar since December. But I am progressing through the grief cycle and starting to accept that I probably won’t get a spot. These days I enjoy lazy weekends on the couch, soy chai lattes and commiserating with others on Facebook who post angry comments on the B of A marathon page. That’s all I have to say about that.

Good news… No cold for this girl. I’m just exhausted from work but otherwise feeling like my normal self. 

Last night Lu and I went to visit little Molly. She was all up in Lu’s personal space and rubbing on his face. She is too cute for me to handle.

molly & lu

Ok guys, time to go get some vitamin C in the form of OJ and a solid night’s sleep. xxoo,lw


2 thoughts on “frustration

  1. You guys need a baby;) or at least to come visit me and mine! Sorry about the marathon–that is so frustrating. I'm determined to do a half this summer/fall, but I don't think there's any way I can join you for a full. Hopefully some day?

  2. Shef, we want to come visit this spring! May? Will you still be in Boston? The little baby needs to meet Auntie Tray!! We should definitely do races together!!

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