the sweet(less) life

Last night I said to Lu, “I’ve now gone over a week without sweets!” And then I remembered I actually started last Monday and this is only day five of thirty. It feels like forever since I’ve had that little taste of heaven. In all honesty, it has been overall easier than expected. There is a family at work who hands out candy like it’s their job (I use to worship them and take some daily) and that has probably been the hardest thing to resist. Also that Cadbury Creme Egg is still sitting on the counter giving me the stank eye everyday, which in my opinion is very rude.

An unrelated thought…. It has been cold to the bone here in Chicago some days this winter but we have had almost no snow. Yesterday, we finally got some accumulating snow. It’s weird that we were basically snowless in the city until yesterday. Here is a pic from my walk to work yesterday morning:

Speaking of walking to work… I feel so blessed that I can do that. It’s green (look out for a post on carbon footprint coming up). It’s extremely predictable aka no traffic/accidents/construction to worry about. I’ll be at work in 12 minutes no matter what unless I fall down and can’t get back up. Or I get mugged. Minor dangers. I get to enjoy some nice outdoors time before spending twelve hours inside. All wins.

Lazy Saturday commencing. This is happening now:

soy chai latte

Lu and I are on the couch watching a rerun of American Idol and one of the male performers Devin Velez came me goosebumps…. This guy. He is so cute! Also he is a barista, which is my dream job. And then there was THIS GUY. Nikki & Mariah loved him. Lu and I couldn’t stop laughing during his strange and awkward performance. What the flap? Curtis Finch Jr made love to the music. He has so much control in his voice and a huge range. Amaze. The next Luther Vandross. We’re probably the only people in the world still watching Idol. I feel like it has lost a lot of popularity over the past years. I’m not an avid fan but I’ll tune in when there is nothing else on. I do love me some reality TV. 

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend. Make these days good! xo, lw


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