a couple of scary things this morning

What do you think did I eat the licorice? Don’t you have any faith in me? (Yes, I ate the licorice. Darn it. ((Lu was right.)) But since it was strawberry flavored and fat free it’s only a considered partial cheat. I had a few pieces and now I’ve resumed the fast. A momentary slip-up. Thanks mom.)

This morning I made something that scares me. I’m usually scared by fake meat like veggie burgers, veggie bacon, veggie anything. I went to Costo with my good friend, Meghan, last week and she raved about Morningstar vegetarian breakfast sausages. I think she’s cool and I wanted to be cool too so I bought a box. This morning Lu and I tried them for the first time scrambled in some eggs with spinach. They were actually pretty good! The only thing that continues to weird me out is how many ingredients it takes to make those things. I usually attempt to eat food with ingredients that I can pronounce. But all of those weird ingredients translate into pretty decent nutritional facts so maybe it’s not that bad. What do you guys think about imitation meat products?

eggs for Lu. i have to eat egg whites

Another thing scared me this morning. I opened the door to leave our apartment to find the neighbor’s dog right outside. I literally screamed and closed the door as he lurched toward me (I’m not joking even a little bit. Lu was a witness). This was only the second time I’ve seen that pup. It’s a rare occurrence when we actually see him. He must have some sort of doggy intuition that I was talking about him and he came ready to attack. After I slammed the door shut and embarrassed myself, I opened it again and his lady owner was like, “I am so sorry! He actually really loves people. He was excited to see you!” I felt like an idiot and I told her I’m not afraid of dogs at all but I wasn’t expecting to see one when I opened the door. Then I felt awkward. Good times. 

Yesterday I was perusing Pinterest for much of the afternoon when I came across chalkboard picture frames. I think chalkboards are really cute and a fun idea for writing random daily messages. I then became obsessed with the idea and had to get supplies to make it immediately. I hit up JoAnn Fabrics who has a great sale on picture frames right now (50% off) and the Home Depot paint department. Every time I walk into a hardware store the smell takes me back to working in the paint department at Lowe’s. Oh the good ol days. This afternoon I’m going to create my chalkboard picture frame and I’ll share all of the riveting details.

link to pinterest inspiration

Chicago is in the midst of a winter storm today with a chance of some thundersnow overnight. All I can think about is the beach. Aye carumba. xo, lw

view of the lake from our balcony at 11 o’clock (left) and now (right)

3 thoughts on “a couple of scary things this morning

  1. I feel bad about the licorice. I bought it before I knew you were going on a sugar strike. So sorry – but I thought of you when I saw it, so I got it for my bridge group w/ intentions to give you the rest. Oops!

  2. It's ok I don't even care that I broke the fast (I secretly love it). As for dried fruit, I understand that one. It's probably a texture thing… dried fruit is so chewy and tastes kind of like candy! : )

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