the strangest thing

It’s the strangest thing. To begin the story let me start by saying that we live in a condo downtown. A condo building that allows pups… And our new neighbors have one. That dog is SUPER well behaved when the family is home and he never makes a peep. Crickets. Even when they are on their way out the door he silently lets them go. However, the second they get on the elevator and out of earshot he goes CRAZY. Relentless. Barking. That dog has stamina. If Lu and I are as quiet as a mice he will eventually give it up. But if we so much as open a door then we awake the beast. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde dog. Strange. Or maybe not.

Earlier today, Lu and I were complaining to each other about the ridiculous dog. By the way, when he is barking at their front door it sounds as if he is inside our apartment. We hear the elevator ding (okay, our walls must be mighty thin), that family gets off (we know the sound of their toddler) and the dog is absolutely MUTE. Please note that dog has been barking nonstop for the past two hours and right as his owner gets into the hallway he stops. Good timing. That is one smart pup. I think they have no idea that he is a little rebel! They probably think he is the most well behaved dog in the world. 

my puppy growing up. also known for her incessant barking… at all times

I will admit that there are times the barking doesn’t phase me. It simply fades into background noise. Then there are times where I feel like I need to leave the building just to keep my sanity. Lu and I joke around that we’re going to slip a note under their door (part of me isn’t joking). I’m not a confrontational person so I’ll probably do nothing. We won’t live here forever and it’s actually not that bad. File this one under #firstworldproblem and #citylivingproblem.

I escaped the ruckus and went over to my mom’s place for dinner. She made salmon, broccoli and brown rice that was delicioso!! A real treat. I also had my fave kind of soup, tomato basil. Clearly I must be a little sloppy with it too since it’s all over my bowl. It was so fun to hang with my momma and eat good food.

bon appetit

My dear mother got me one of my most favorite candies ever, licorice. I almost couldn’t turn it down. The smell.. ahhh…  I’m taking it home. Should I break the thirty day fast? I’ve officially gone one week without sweets today and I feel like that is a pretty darn big accomplishment in itself.

omg licorice. and caramel? suddenly i can’t remember why i’m sugar fasting

Another perk of hanging around my mom’s place is cuddling with this little bean. She curled up on my legs for a bit and I have to stay very still to please her. Often I sacrifice circulation/sensation and my legs go numb. She is cute.


Here’s to the end of Monday. And here’s to the days getting longer and longer and longer. I have spring fever! xo,lw


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