jammin out

I’m one of those strange people who often doesn’t listen to music when I run. Running is like mediation for me most days. It clears my mind and music can serve as a distraction. Especially if I’m running outside on the lakefront… give me a hot sunny day with lots of people watching and that’s all I need. Anyone with me? 

With that said, there are definitely times when I need music to pick me up and motivate (hello, treadmill). I like listening to my faves on repeat. Specifically Love on Top by Beyonce. I could do a whole hour run to only that song.

Today is the day I need extra motivation. I want to stay on my cozy couch and abstain from movement. I am suppose to go to a Shred class this afternoon but I’m really dragging… and flirting with the idea of cancelling. Ahem, let me remind myself that I never regret a workout, it’s energizing and I always feel better after. 

I now interrupt this post with a Chicago Marathon registration update. The remaining 15,000 spots will be filled by a lottery system and not by open enrollment. I had suspected that after this year the Chicago marathon may have to go to a lottery system like the NYC marathon. Interested runners have two days to put their name on a list from which 15,000 participants will be selected at random. Yeesh. That sounds ugly. While the Chicago Marathon team was conjuring up this plan, I was making plans of my own. I decided to turn my negative experience with registration into a positive situation. I am going to run with a charity organization!! Yours truly will be running the Chicago Marathon and helping a good cause while at it. I will be doing a separate post on the organization I chose and details for donation if you feel so inclined. I am giddy with excitement!! xo, lw


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