battling treadmill boredom

Today I did a “long run.” I put that in quotes because it was not particularly long. My plan was to go 15 miles… I only accomplished 10 miles. 

First, let’s back track. I woke up on this beautiful Sunday morning to a blue sky and the sun shining (literally, the sun shining into my eyes woke me up). I thought to myself, “what a gorgeous day for a long run outside.” That quickly became a fleeting thought as I reminded myself it is March in Chicago. The temperature? 30 degrees. That actually isn’t too cold for any old day but it was way too chilly for me to consider a run outside. I’m a cold weather lightweight when it comes to jogging… I need 60 degrees and above, thankyouverymuch.

city livin
Lake Michigan, the frozen variety

I wallowed in my sorrow that all I want is spring, runs along the lake and margaritas on a rooftop. But we’re at least a good month away from that so I was sentenced to do my “long run” on a treadmill, which is gross to me. I don’t really like watching TV while on the treadmill because it often gives me a headache. And as I have discussed in previous posts, I don’t always love listening to music when I run. I like to clear my mind and do what I call “running meditation.”  But running meditation on a treadmill is kind of like torture. There was a point during today’s run where I thought time was actually moving backward. To battle my boredom, I played my best workout mix on my iphone. I only have 6 songs on that workout playlist so I listened to them on repeat for over an hour. Omg. I hit ten miles in 1hr, 30min, 34sec (9:03/mi) and that is when I had to retire for the day. It was just too boring to handle. Anybody who finds a way to make treadmill running fun should win the Nobel prize.

I had this strange urge to attempt running on the treadmill with my eyes closed. I have seen people doing this before. Have you? It was anything but relaxing. I think my heart rate doubled due to anxiety of falling off and my stride got weird. If I could perfect that it would take my running meditation to a new level. 

On this beautiful Sunday’s agenda I will grocery shop, clean up the apartment (I feel like I’m always cleaning & never cleaning at the same time), stretch/foam roll and r-e-l-a-x with my bean! xo,lw


One thought on “battling treadmill boredom

  1. Woah. Ten miles is way more than I've ever done on a treadmill. Honestly, I'm happy with five. Treadmills are so boring. The only thing I like better about treadmills than outside is that it's the only way I can really push myself with speed work. But long runs inside are impossible for me.

    I love listening to the Pandora Broadway Hits station while running:) And maybe sometimes I'm tempted to sing along. And create choreography in my head. Not normal?

    And, I have tried briefly closing my eyes on a treadmill. Didn't work for me either.

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